Friday, 29 July 2011




Crombie is the man's brand for men who are not concerned about their masculinity.

Man is the subject, yes. But not the issue.

The signatures are there:

Settle yourself in a leather couch at the soho Hotel cocktail bar.

Order a dry martini for your partner and volvic for yourself.

Now relaxing into your Crombie Classic.

Finely-woven wool is both comfortable and cool. You will an overcoat for the summer rains;
Crombie can give you the shelter you need.

When you unfurl, your Crombie suit, you will feel cool and fresh as the spring rain.

The new range of the suits are loose-fitting, yet smart. They employ the best tailors, but can adjust the forms to your shape.

They are responsibly sourced.

Perhaps the texture will be silk, linen, or alpaca. But for the moment, quality wool blends still construct the best mans' suits.

Structure,elegance, and classicism came together in a near-perfect match.

Consider Crombie.

Thursday, 28 July 2011




Pleasure! I responded when Goodley PR sent me my personal invitation to their press launch of Jainnisa's Beauty products.

I was looking forward to it because I knew it was going to be sublime and very innovating. As soon as I walked in(Morton House) I was introduced to the  Jainnisa the brain behind her beauty product. 

The first thing I noticed was how flawless her skin looked. she glowed with a great a smile as she talked me through her products and how beneficial it is to skin.

I was later on pondered with a nice hand massage. It was relaxing and the best part was when I tried the All Day Revitalising Hand Cream which made my hands feel all smooth and silky. The result was remarkable.

Thailand as we know well is famous for it floral biodiversity, and for its beautiful coastline. Jainnisa harnesses ingredients from these into luxurious blends and body products, that relax, stimulate and refresh.

The below stated are the Jainnisa's beauty product range.

The 'Calming And Relaxing' ranges takes you to sunset beach. There is a blend of Frangipani, Ylang Ylang, Blue Lotus, and other ingredients known only to those who collect them. There is more in the than you know.

'Stimulating and Refreshing' will begin your day. Citrus fragrances (lime, grapefruit, Mandarin) are intermingled with classic Thai notes of Blue Lotus and Wild Orchid. You will be awake and aware.

Bath Elixirs are another innovation. REviving shower gel, electrifying body scrub, and polishing exfoliates will nourish and revive your skin. Your bath will become your personal Blue Lagoon.

Then there is Jainnisa Body - hand and body creams and lotion, and body souffle that lightens and refreshes. touch your skin after a week of use. You will find out.

Candle time. Now, be-careful. But if you wish to experience the fabulous fragrances of the body products in the air of your home, there are scented candles and red diffusers to enjoy. You can share your personal pleasure with your friends.

Note that all the ingredients of these gorgeous product are responsibly sourced, and you only receive the very best. Circulation-stimulating Blue Lotus, innervating  Blue Lotus, and skin-toning rice protein. Jainnisa only employs local workers to gather the ingredients, and hence contributes to the local economies.

Jainnisa Beauty gives luxury, exotic difference, and social responsibility.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Miss America 2011 (Teresa Scanlan)

The piano performance was the least part of it... Miss America 2011 was in London and I was invited to meet her at the grand Marylebone Hotel and talk about, fashion, being a brand Ambassador for a major fashion designer - Joseph Ribkoff, her reign as Miss America and the next chapter in her life...

Miss America 2011, was tiared in Las Vegas on january 15th and according to her, it was the best thing to ever happened to her and now it looks like she the best thing to come out of Nebraska since the Missouri river. 

Model Wearing Joseph Ribkoff A/W11
Teresa Scanlan is the name Miss America 2011 and now Teresa starts off her journey of 20,000 miles, gracing every quarter of the nation during her of service as America's beauty ambassador.

There are so much more. Teresa will be promoting her message about eating disorders, ( A Generation At Risk), and she will be a national promoter of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, a non-profit organization that improves children's lives by  giving them the  care they need, at the right time.

Glamour is there too. Teresa will be the voice of Joseph Ribkoff International Clothing company, who will provide Teresa with her full wardrobe for the year.  Being a spokesperson for the brand, Teresa had the opportunity to talk through the Joseph Ribkoff A/W11 collection. 
Model wearing Joseph Ribkoff A/W11

The collection is youthful and very flattering to the female figure. The inspiration behind the Joseph Ribkoff's A/W11 collection, is all about the busy working woman who travels a lot and is always on the go. The material combination of silk and jersey eliminates the use of ironing or steaming.

Joseph Ribkoff breathes versatility into A/W11  in such a  way that most of the pieces could be worn for any occasion- for work to an evening event,or better still a night out with your girlfriend.

Joseph Ribkoff clothing is stocked at the famous and renowned store Fenwick and Ribina on new bond street.

After  her year of services, Teresa will continue her education at Patrick Henry college. She wishes to move into law, with the ambition to become a judge, and then into politics. She has been sponsored by Artistry and Amway and will no doubt go far.

President Scanlan, anyone?



Monday, 18 July 2011


14TH JULY 2011

It always creates a special touch to be invited to a private Club. So, when the invitation came up for me to be invited to the BOND CLUB on Kingly street I was looking forward to it. I can tell you.

There are so many new clubs in london now, and frankly, I have been to a fair few of them and it was an eye-opener for me... in a way that was not good...
- repetitive music that wears you down
- alcohol splashed on your cherished clothes by drunken species who cannot handle it
- worse still. fights breaking out with broken bottles, shouting and so on

However, I was hoping the above-mentioned repulsive attitude would not be in evidence at the much talk about BOND club. I could not have been happier when I was told that the club had a zero-attitude policy. Any hint of attitude, and you would be politely escorted off the premises.

So knowing all that, I was looking forward to PARTYING in style, and making sure it was going to be a night to remember. 

As I entered, I could not help but notice the full length mirrors on both sides of the corridor leading into the main club. It's like the mirrors are there to say to you... 'Madam and Sir,  check yourself from head to toe, see if everything is in the right place and then you can walk in.'

Clubbing at the BOND was such a delight. Everyone there was having a good time - I could see - and they were soaking in the groovy tunes that was blasting in the four corners of the room. Every track hit the spot, and the movers responded. Dancing has always been my forte, but this atmosphere just made me want to pose and relax. Posing on the dance floor is going to be the next big thing, so watch this space

The ladies fashion of the night is worth noting, because if you are venturing out into a club, the outfit has  to be cool, hot, and on the spot. Boy oh boy!! The figure hugging micro mini dress teamed with pencil heels were on display - 'work it girl!' A few of the ladies opted for the skinny jeans, tops and platform heels look - 'rock it girl!' It was a diverse fashion crowd on the ladies side.

On the mens' side, I was pleased with the effort they committed to their outfit. The mens' fashion crowd was certainly diverse as well. Smart causal, fitted blazers, causal suits were the order of the night. Some stood out more than others, of course having me in the club crowd was bond to happen; Mr Kwaku Darkwah gets my vote for the BEST-DRESSED man of the night -clean cut, straight to the point and fierce.

To sum up my night at the BOND club-It was a pleasure. Great fun, funky sounds, very attentive and polite bar staff who always had a smile on their face. Good work! One does not often encounter these qualities in good clubs these days.

Would I go back to the BOND club again? The answer is certainly - 'YES'.



Summer is still here believe it or not! Which means we have to make most of it  by looking stylish where ever you... be it on you summer holiday on the beach or you inner city breaks. 
Red Stripe Basket Bag - £89
Straw Basket Bag In Majestic Navy And Natural Straw - 49
Canvas Anchor Bag - £49

That is why I introduce to you today the Lands' End beach bags.

These three beach bags are perfect for your summer holiday. Not only would it do a perfect job of complimenting your summer outfit but hold your summer essentials for that spontaneous beach party.

It is important to note that, these 3 different stylish bags from Lands' End range from practical and relaxed canvas anchor bag to more elegant variations on the traditional straw basket which would be equally chic and versatile for city break.

Remember, Lands' End is not far off when it comes to your holiday needs.

Life is about quality... and not quantity... 

Quality is what LANDS' END is all about.


Friday, 8 July 2011

The Two New Rings from Angeletti Jewellery.

Roberto Angeletti has two new collections, desirable now. Lavishly Enchanting is what these two rings

EMBRACE, a ring collection, clasps semi-precious stones in gold and silver settings, which invoke the incredible impact of the Abrahamic meteorite on the middle east.

They are the perfect accessory for today's woman.

Tourmaline, quartz fume, and light blue sapphire, are the elegance.

'Warda' is the name.

ANGELETTI Jewellery is the name to remember for other luxury goods.

Craftsmanship and shape control are prime.

Quality is assured.

I hope you enjoyed reading poetry. These fine Angeletti jewellery invokes the inner beauty in you. Once again... Quality is assured.

Angeletti Jewellery can be purchased at Wolf & Badger Boutique - 46 Ledbury Road in Nottinghill.

You can also visit their website on


Thursday, 7 July 2011


GOODWOOD will present a Goodwood Revival from the 16-18 September 2011. This will be like taking a step back in time as it is the world class event showcasing glamour, fashion, cars and all thing vintage.

The theme inspired Revival will offer those visiting to take a nostalgic trip back into the 1940s, 1950s or 1960s glamorous decade. Eventhough the main theme for the event will be motor racing and Air displays much focus will be paid on vintage fashion.

Essentially, one will be able purchase fashionable vintage clothing from some of the UK's best vintage experts who will have stands at the event.

It is however going to be an action packed september event full of best of British vintage fashion, historic motor racing and period theatre for everyone.

As well as the abundance of fun and entertaiment on the track, there will be a breath taking vivid action in the skies as the visitors will be treated to former Battles of Britain airfeild such as the spitfire, Hurricane and mustgang will perform elaborate swoops and dives over the circuit.

Other flying demonstartion form most of the other aircraft will take place making the air shows as enchanting and enticing as the motor race.


Something important note down.

General admission of Revival start at £36.
And if you like to make hay whiles the sun shine for this coming September 2011 event then contact ticket hotline on (+44)0 1243 755055

You can also book your ticket online at

Remember the Goodwood Revival is on the 19-18 of September 2011 and it's vintage fashion. Look the part,shop for the best for the best of British vintage and have a blast with the motor racing and air shows.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


The night of BOB CARLOS CLARKE the lengendary photographer whose never before seen pictures was exhibited in 202 Westbourne Groove. The same photos by Bob Carlos Clarke had been used to create a limited edition T-shirt produced by the premium organic clothing company.

The evening was a collaboration between Tamara Beckwith, Lindsey Carlos Clarke and Ghislain Pascal of The Little Black Gallery, and Bryan Jandrell of Collective, who produced the T-shirts.

It is the first time that the images by Bob Carlos Clarke have been licensed for T-shirt that would be stocked in Harvry Nichols, 202 on Westbourne Groove,The library, Autograph.

Amber Lonergan PR for Clear Angency and me
Now to talk about the launch, I have to say it was a very successful one. Times like this I just want go around and talk everyone but before I did that, I had to hit the bar and own myself a glass of champagne. Well it has to be said the champagne was the best of best. Very crisp and dry.

It was good to admire the mounted photograph on all the shop floor along with the T-shirts. 

Bob Carlos Clarke art work was displayed on the walls of 202. They are strong images of art. Dominitrix springs to mind when look at the photos. A bit of nudity, latex and dark makeup. The photograph is a just a fine piece of work. Bob is a legend as it has to be said.


5 JULY 2011.

Burberry Brit night was a blast! It was a night event that took place on 41-42 king street in Covent Garden. That is where one of the many Burberry flagship store can be found. The store is immaculate in design and spacious just to mention.

The best part of the night  is was when the band named Heartbreak took to the stage to sing live some of their tunes. I am a fan of live music and I have to hand to it the band, they really did good. It is worth googling them because i know they have something good going on. They can perform.

The invited guest were treated to some chilled alcoholic beverages, such as champagne, beer, cocktails just to name but a few. This however set the mood going as every chatted away. I am not saying we needed to be drunk to be in a happy mood certainly not me. All the same it was all good.

There was no way one could not have missed the Burberry S/S11 collection that was on the store floor. With the diverse spring summer collection from the light summer trench coat to the leather motor cycle jacket. 

Burberry this S\S is really adhering to the Rock & Roll and the rock chic look. And  what makes it so trend is the motor cycle leather jacket, which can be teamed up with any outfit just to give it an edge. Sometimes I think we all need to be edgy with our dress sense.

It's worth mentioning that, I met these three charming gentlemen from France who I have to say had so much to say about their love for the Burberry brand which I really found very alluring and quite interesting. They obviously know their fashion and it's good to know. It was a pleasure meeting them.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and event like this is always an eye opener to get brand ( burberry) out there and more importantly to support a British brand. And the concept of infusing a Brit live band brings in some authenticity. Which is very important.

Burberry Brit is a global brand loved by many and has a very strong high profile following. 

On this note I have to say that the Burberry Brit night was success and it was truly enjoyed. Pleasure!


John Varvatos


THE ROOTS star in Fall 2011 Campaign.
Click the link below to watch the smashing campaign. Pleasure!

July 2011 — New York, NY — For his latest ad campaign, John Varvatos has chosen four-time-Grammy-winning group The Roots, currently the house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Photographer Danny Clinch shot the band at Republic Airport in New York, capturing them as they de-plane like true rock royalty, making the most of their moment of grand arrival.

The Roots are as fluid and amorphous as the hip-hop culture that they spawned. The influential and critically acclaimed Philadelphia-based septet has won numerous accolades for their jazz-influenced, eclectic approach to hip-hop. Their fans are as diverse as their music, following the band from Lollapalooza to the Montreux Jazz Festival and Lincoln Center. Defying easy description, The Roots collaborate with a wide range of artists from different genres, and continue to push the boundaries of hip-hop—as in a recent performance of Bob Dylan’s 1963 classic “Masters of War” before a sold-out crowd of hip-hop lovers at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre.

The Roots are one of the most creative musical forces on the planet.  Their performances with almost every music icon in the world, of all genres, are mind blowing and inspiring.  Working with them has been a highlight in my career,” states John Varvatos.

 Stephen Niedzweicki, creative director of Yard, drew inspiration for the campaign from classic images of bands on the road. “The way The Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles traveled had a huge impact on the direction for this season’s campaign. Even the design of the tour buses and the way the planes looked back then was mind-blowing—fireplaces, bars, dance floors and full-on performance stages. What style!”

During the shoot, The Roots launched into an improv jam on the tarmac that was captured on video. Danny Clinch and Yard created a short film from the performance that captures the energy of the moment.

This latest John Varvatos campaign follows 14 seasons conceived by Yard and photographed by Danny Clinch, all of them underscoring the brand’s affinity for rock ‘n’ roll style-makers. Past collaborators include Franz Ferdinand, Perry Farrell, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, Velvet Revolver, Iggy Pop, Chris Cornell, Joe Perry, Ryan Adams, Slash, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

 Danny Clinch is an acclaimed music photographer and documentary filmmaker who has captured some of the most iconic names in music, including Cash, Springsteen, Dylan and Tupac, just to name a few. The organic feel and texture of his work lets the subjects breathe and the music flow. His work has appeared in such publications as Vanity Fair, Spin, Rolling Stone, GQ, Esquire, the New Yorker and the New York Times Magazine, and his photographs have appeared on hundreds of album covers.

 Since its founding in 2002, Yard has conceptualized; art directed and produced an award-winning range of work in print and television advertising, packaging, editorial, and product design. This hybrid creative agency blends the expertise of a style-driven fashion shop with the instincts of a consumer-minded ad agency.

 Launched in 2000 with a collection of tailored clothing and sportswear, John Varvatos now represents an entire men’s lifestyle that includes footwear, bags, belts, eyewear, limited edition watches, men’s luxury fragrances, as well as the younger, edgier John Varvatos « USA Collection and Converse by John Varvatos.  The designer has been recognized three times by the CFDA with an American Fashion Award for New Menswear Designer (June 2000) and Menswear Designer of the Year (June 2001 and June 2005) and was honored as GQ’s “Designer of the Year” in 2007.  The collection is distributed in freestanding John Varvatos boutiques across the US, as well as in better specialty stores throughout