Friday, 19 November 2010

Peckham Rye LONDON

Peckham Ryes own humble beginnings are to be found in mid eighteenth century London in Peckham Rye itself with the gentlemens present owner.

Charles tailoring career began when he was just 14 years, enlisting in the post Napoleonic British Army in 1854. Charles was both a boy solider and tailor to the 7th Royal Fusilier regiment and upon discharge returned to his Peckham Rye 1878, where he continued his skill - to cut top coats and trousers for London gentlemen, marking patterns out on newspapers quill and all.

Peckham Rye has a clever twist to its name, not only is it the place for the forebears tailoring company, but also it is the London cockney rhyming slang for the tie. and as such they take their London name as their trade for they are Londons master Silk Peckham Rye and scarf maker.

Thier ties and scarves contain all thier proud family traditions and as makers to the great tailoring firms os Savile Row. Most of their customers are also Savile Row based.

One good thing  that can be said for Peckham Rye's craft is that they have still managed to mantain  the good quality tradition and standards so the true London cut.

It is with a sense of pride that they continue their family tradition or making exceptional pieces of exceptional people. 


The shop is located on 11 Newburgh Street - Carnby, London, W1F 7RW. It is shop worth visiting. If you man with a true taste and style then i would certainly suggest Peckham Rye pieces. Update your look and stand out in the crowd.

Telephone : +44 (020) 7734 5181

Marin Sawa 2011 Scarve Collection.

Marin Sawa, is a new designer on the scene who recently graduated from Saint Martins Central. Her passion for material structure culminated her in a masters degree in design for textiles.

Marin's latest collection is a soft  structure scarf with a well chosen fabric that feels fresh and looks fashion forward.

The scarves are really eye catching and thats how I came across it the first time. It has this uniqueness  element to it. Like I said, it's fresh as well as fashion forward.

I would say it worth getting a piece. Also visit Marin Sawa website if want to know more.

This luxurious scarves  is the next must have. I am happy I am writing about it. Watch out for Marin's structural scarves.


Telephone: (+44 (0) 777 298 7084.