Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Does It Really Winter for You?

I am a fan of the winter season in London, the random rain, occasional sunshine and the fast approach of darkness. It is a nonstalgia feeling. Yes, it does really winter for me.

The cold weather is just a cold weather and like me I love to wear the right clothing and footwear to keep warm.

The best description for london weather is three season in one - autumn, winter, summer - so it always good to strike a balance with you clothing. 

Wearing layers is something one should opt for. You can always take a layer off if the temperature goes up vice versa.

My other favorite wear is the winter coat with a bit fur affair. This is where you wear light clothing underneath the heavy winter coat. This look is comfortable, it keeps warm and stylish, and there is assurance of movement.

Land's End Winter 2011 Parka
The parka jacket is another of my lovelies. Everyone needs to have a parka in their wardrobe. It is one of the winter protective clothing you can just put on and be ready to go. It might sound outrageous, but teaming up a parka jacket with shorts with boots is a combo of mine. Get this look.

One needs a footwear that could withstand all the winter adversaries. There is nothing worse that to have a cold feet.

There are a few new names of footwear I can suggest which for me can rock the winter season trend.

First on my list is the Martine Rose CAT AW11. It is very exclusive, tough, trendy and has a distinctive colour features.
Vane Winter 2011

>> The whole of the Sebago AW11 collection - which I have talked about in my previous blog. 

 The winter season is a season of fun the way I see. Immense yourself with your clothing and right footwear. 

For men, I would say invest in a good long winter coat or jacket, good woolen soaks, silk scarf and durable footwear be it for work or lesiure.

The key trend for me this autumn winter is keeping it simple and clean cut

Less is more!

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Stand Tall And Elegant In Jock Fairweather Spring/Summer 2012 footwear.

One of the astonishing launch parties I was invited to during this year's London Fashion Week was Jock Fairweather's.

The launch in Mahiki was graced with fashion writers, buyers, fashionistas, shoe lovers etc.
(L-R) Myself, Jock Fairweather and Karma-Style

Jock Fairweather is the new hot thing to come out of London College of fashion. He launched his own women's footwear right after he had graduated - Jock Fairweather Label. And there was no better time to celebrate the launch of his spring/summer 2012 ladies footwear than London Fashion Week.

To the launch the JF S/S 12 footwear collection saw some of ladies parading in the dinstictive eyecatching footwear.
Jock fairweather S/S12
  The ladies seemed really comfortable and confident wearing the shoes which goes to show that not only does footwear look good but it is wearable. 

What makes the shoes distinctive is the colour blocking. They in-effect stand out and can be seen to compliment and outfit one wears.

The night couldn't end without me dancing and enjoying myself. After all it was London Fashion Week and one had to be in the mood to do fashion and be fashion.
Jock Fairweather And friends.

The launch was a success and the Jock Fairweather ladies footwear has come to stay. 

To view the entire S/S12 collection visit


Friday, 23 September 2011


The various shows you are about to see - Ashley Isham S/S12, Bernard Chandran S/S12, Cristina Sabaiduc S/S12, Spijkers En Spijkers S/S12 and Ziad Ghanem S/S12 - is mystical and the androgyny feel to it makes the hair on your back stand up.

Dubbed by me as the fashion couture of the century. There were no boundaries set. Fashion was at its rebel best.

The shows organized by the Pop PR were a all stand out. Love you to watch the catwalk shows for yourself. Epic!

Starting off with Ashley Isham spring/summer 2012 show
Ashley Isham S/S 12

Bernard Chandran S/S 12
Bernard Chandran S/S 12

Cristina Sabaiduc Spring/Summer 2012

Click on the link below and watch the show.

Spijkers En Spijkers Spring/Summer 2012
Spijkers En Spijkers S/S12 Catwalk

Ziad Ghanem Spring/summer 2012
Ziad Ghanem S/S 12

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Martine Rose presented at this season MAN spring/summer 2012 featuring her customized CAT Footwear.

Martine adorned the laces with bright coloured enamel painted jewels instantly transforming and yet still maintaining the heritage of the CAT Footwear.

Individuality in style and fashion forward has successfully been achieved by Martine Rose. It is the epitome of cutting edge style.

Focus on the customization of the CAT Footwear by Martine Rose in this MAN S/S 12 show and let me know what you think.



Inbar Spector S/S 12.
The Show Stopper Piece.

'The Heavens were Opened and Peace and Tranquility Were Assured Leaving Everyone Gasping For Some More Inbar Spector'

Israeli designer Inbar Spector's S/S12 collection brews up a dark and sophisticated delight, despite taking its inspiration from the deepest regions.
Inbar has converted violence and fire, via goth, to lace, silks and perforated faux leather. Zippers and chains darken the collection.
Inbar reflects the incipient latent violence of the Middle East, mixing joy and fear.
As a vegetarian, Inbar Spector uses no animal products, and is about to launch her first online store in October.
The whole collection one after the other was a show stopper and leaving me gasping for some more. Can't say I shan't be looking forward to her next season's collection. 

Inbar Spector is the one to watch.



It was the FASHION SHOW we had all been waiting for - House of Evolution at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

 And to calm our anxiety before the actual show begun, Katch Pr the hostess of the show treated the multi-platform fashion press, media, buyers and VIPs to a champagne reception.

House Of Evolution is made up of three design houses - DAS, MATH and ROHMIR.

Finally the shows starts and the first to come on the runway is the DAS collection.

The Emirati sisters, Reem and Hind Beljafla known for their eclectic and cutting edge designs, took their spring/summer 2012 collection from ancient Greek and Roman goddess. Hence the theme 'Goddess'

Here are some photos of DAS S/S 12 collection straight from the runway...

The next on to show was the MATH S/S 2012 collection. Creative director Shaz is also known for her mixing of textures to create an accessible and ready-to-wear garment for the chic woman of this century.

The collection is a mixture of over size luxury pieces and easy to wear silhouettes in silk, chiffon and georgette.

'The collection is about understated elegance, with focus on being fashion forward in a pared back way' Says Shaz.



ROHMIR,  was the last to show on the runway. Glamour to the ultimate most. 

The Russian creative designer got her inspiration for spring/summer 2012 from rain in the exotic garden. 'Rain brings joy, rain brings sorrow' says Olga Roh.

The models with flattering long curved colourful eyebrows walked the runway in sun-kissed yellow, shimmer/glimmer orange and black, rainy blue, sweet peach and mermaid turquoise.


After a very successful and entertaining show we were all escorted to the House of Evolution after party at the CIRQUE DU SOIR on 15-21 Canton street, Carniby Street.

Time had come for the fashion crowd to party in style. The funky sounds with our funky resident DJ did let us down with his beats. I was just busting loose with my pose dance and pleasure it was.

There was also a good performance put up by the  Cirque Du Soir dancers. The performance was really something else.

It was a night of fun and merry. Did I enjoy it? Oh yes, no doubt about that.

 Hip! Hip! to katch PR for throwing a jolly good party. Good work!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Muscat Vielma S/S 12 Fashion Exhibition.
'She Exhumes Power In Her Femininity, Confidence and Independence' by Muscat Vielma

It was a night filled with Art,fashion and style a night certainly at its applaudable best.

The scenery was stylish, airy and moving. The  collections were displayed on mannequins and what better way to do that.

A lot of positive things can be said about the Muscat Vielma duo at this London fashion Week regarding their outstanding spring/summer 2012 fashion exhibition.

Muscat Vielma S/S 11 collection  is worthy to be put on a pedal stone as this being their ever first spring/summer collection. The elegance and the colour scheme are intricate  to the human eye.
An Intricate design - Muscat Vielma S/S12

Do you want a clean look?Then take these two words - MUSCAT: the richest grape. VIELMA: one of the oldest European aristocracies. And combine them.

S/S 2012 takes the space to show their combination of armadillo and crystal. Strength and glamour.

They are not for people of faint constitution. It is for the woman who is confident in herself and being.

Ballet is a key inspiration.  Dance is a guiding indication of a feminine strength. The Ability to accentuate her curve with a piece of garment made to fit her shape.

Let us list the materials: punched leather, soft silks, sheer tulle, organza and taffeta; lots of soft draping, and structure.

You will be 'en point'.


Monday, 19 September 2011

Jasper Gardiva Spring/Summer 2012

Jasper Garvida, speaks Art in His S/S 2012 Collection. Fashion Is Art.
Jasper Gardiva S/S12

Jasper Garvida, designer of luxury women's wear, presents 'Autour d'un point', the S/S 2012 collection.
It's a collection of contrasts: the morning sun and the twilight shade, the city and the vale, the darkest tones and the lightest colours.
Jasper's main inspiration for this collection is the individual vision of Diana Vreeland, legendary fashion editor of ''Harper's Bazaar' and 'Vogue', who could produce such 'bon mots' as "Pink is the navy blue of India".
'Autour d'un point' floats around the female body, its point and purpose, with circular shapes and strong silhouettes. The name of the collection is taken from a painting by Frantisek Kupka, a strong stylist, with an individual vision.
To repeat, the female body is the centre of the collection, Metallic tones - silver, gold - are used as highlights, alongside more restrained blacks and whites.
There are bold geometric shapes, with touches of animal and feather. An innovative technique, using an illusion of 3-D printing, softens some of the hard edges; folded sequins give the illusion of studding without the weight.
The original painting, 'Autour d'un point', can be seen in the Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venice.
Ensure your are wearing a piece from the collection when you pay your visit.

One-On -One With Paul Costelloe At John Lewis - Oxford Street, LONDON

Paul Costello

Right after the show - Paul Costelloe S/S 2011 - it was arranged for me by Chase PR to meet Paul Costelloe at the pop up store in John Lewis have a one-on-one interview.

The pop-up shop was to sell the 
35 new pieces of his A/W 11 runway collections from silk ties  to gorgeous coat.

We were going to of course talk about style and presentation of which is very essential.

The half Irish and half American (New Yorker) designer finally makes an entry into the store and there and then I am introduced to him with much pleasure.

I couldn't help but notice how tall 
Costelloe stood - 6 foot 4 inches - wearing one of his S/S 12 white shirt, a blazer and pair of blue denim.

I started of by asking him if he still felt nervous after all these years of being the first to open London Fashion week. The answer was certainly not but what made him nervous was how the show was going to turn out. That is fair enough, I would be.
Paul Costelloe also talked about how he found it challenging dressing men as compared to women. With menswear its all about getting the right and quality fabric. 'A good suit or coat can be passed on to generation after generation, so finding the suitable fabric is very essential' said Costelloe.

China and America is the next thing for 
Costelloe. He plans opening a flagship store to expand the Paul Costelloe brand.

Asked about who the 
Paul Costelloe woman is... Costelloe wasted no time in saying she is an 'international, modern woman age 27 and 97. She is discreet;she wants to be seen but not screened.' There is no doubt about that, because this woman with quality will like to wear the brand for its sheer elegance and endurance.

London as a city breaths and breed fashion said 
Costelloe. Positive things has to be said about London fashion sense. This is when Paul Costelloe payed complements to my sense of style to support what he was talking about. I was flabbergasted I have to say. Did not see that coming.

I was later introduced to 
JessicaPaul Costelloe's daughter who walked the runway last season A/W 2011 for her father.

It has to be said my successful meeting with the influential designer tops my highlight for London fashion week.
Paul Costelloe is genuinely a very nice and down to earth man. He is a legend in this trade and his work is always sought after world wide.

My Sincere gratitude to the 
Chase PR team for organising this meeting. Epic

Paul Costelloe Opens London Fashion Week - S/S 12

It's friday morning 7-am, 16th September 2011 and I am sure of what to do and where to be when the time hits 9-am - It was going to be Paul Costelloe Spring/Summer 12 fashion show at somerset House.

It's 9-am and I am all ready for the show to start. The light deems, the music starts playing  and the first model steps out to open the show and the rest follow.

Paul Costelloe S/S 12 collection as usual were really strong and classic. Costelloe did what he does best by putting up an elegant show.

 The whole collection had a 1960's feel to it. The Mad Man era I have to say. The structure and silhouette were effortless and movement was attained. There were a dash of white, cream, sky blue, stiff organza red and other neutral colours.

Paul Costelloe S/S12
The ladies wear saw the return of baby doll dress with a massive following volume to it. The above knee mini-dresses certainly had some quirkiness- bringing back the 1960s trend back into being.

It worth mentioning the striking detailing of the back of the dresses and eye catching they were. I could one point see the audiences fixation.

The menswear also did not cease to disappoint at all. The suits were sharply cut and the trousers flared in length giving it a nice movement.

Paul Costelloe S/S11
And being a admire and wearer of floating oversize shirts, I was really pleased to see Paul Costelloe had infused it in his S/S12 collection. The menswear in short were of course undoubtedly was beautiful as the womenswear.

Paul Costelloe yet again put up a good and alluring collection for the start of London fashion week.

Friday, 16 September 2011


Has It Always Been About The Fashion show At London Fashion Week or the Audience That Attend The Show?

Another season of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 12 is dawn upon us. All is in hand for the London Fashion Week and buzz is in the air. The show is about to start... hang on a minute!

Who gets seen and get snapped is what its all about  at LFW. There is 'fever' in the air and if you've never dressed up for anything in your life, now you have the excuse to do so. The frivolity  of it all at the end of the day is about who is who as well as who ends up on the fashion website. Hush! Hush!

Do we really all have to be broken dollies? Does it really matter what you wear to a fashion show or the biggest show in  London as some term it.

I know for some us, we do not need to look any different since everyday in our life is a style day. I just love to sit back and watch the 'show.'

 It does not get better than that. There are 3 categories of audiences at LFW

>> The self styled - these are the category of audience who have got their own thing going on. They put their own pieces together. It could be a various mixture old and new fabric,  distressed knitwear, gothic/fetish wear, the dandy crazy style etc.

It has to be said the above mentioned are the sought after. They can turn heads for so many reasons. Not really going to go into that. I call it creativity at it best. It might look crazy but it often works.

>> And then we have the 'Brandies'. It is absolutely brand all the way. From the Gucci-s to the prada-s, they are all on display. This is what I call 'as seen on the runway'. There is nothing much to say about this category. 

>> The last category I like to talk about is the effortless chic category. Now this is very interesting. I classify this as this smooth flowing look. Every piece in terms of colour, structure, silhouette, and fit all emerge to it look effortless. 

Anyway, we all can't look the same, diversity is good. Somerset House will be buzzing and fashion and fashion faux pax will be in action.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

PDA -Public Display Of Affection Sample Sale

Ambiguous as it may sound - Public Display OF Affection (PDA) is a label name for the premium denim brand.

PDA is known for its Superb high quality and great fit jeans. Create your own style with PDA Jeans. 

The denim samples are going to be sold at really affordable prices. How exciting is that?

The PDA samples sales will be taking place on Wednesday,28th September 2011 at 10am to 6pm.

The venue is at LASENBY HOUSE - 32 Kingly Street, W1B 5QQ.

This is something not to be missed at all. Pencil in the date, time and place for PDA samples sales.


.: Wrangler - Gifting Suite.

.: Wrangler - Gifting Suite.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wrangler - Gifting Suite.

Creativity Is what Makes You Who You Are So Embrace It And Set Off

Wrangler the denim brand set up in the 1940s has been enjoying their longevity to this day and age. This goes to prove that genuine quality last forever.

This was my second time being invited by kind hearted team of Surgery PR to Wrangler Gifting Suite. Last year's was just pleasurable,being in a suite full of different ranges of Wrangler Denim pieces was just epic.

This year's gifting suite was held in 25 Heddon on Regent Street where upon arrival I was offered a chilled glass of champagne. The Surgery PR team has to be said are know how to get the 'work' done. 

From there I was taken through the latest BLUE BELL COLLECTION S/S11... legend has it that a group of railroad workers who bought the overalls at the Hudson store gave C.C Hudson ( founder of Wrangler) the bell, and after spending time in the factory, the bell - like everything else - became covered in blue denim dust, hence "Blue Bell".

Wrangler jeans has now become icon for the youth culture, synonymous with every age the world over.

My Wrangler gifts were a pair Spencer loose fit denim trousers - unique in its colour and comfort. The loose fit is perfect - movement and comfort wise. A look I am looking forward to create.

The other generous gift was the Wrangler denim Jacket -  with this denim jacket comes functionality, and durability. It is one of those jacket that looks better as the years goes by. Visually, it appeals and fit wise, its   tells a whole different story.

 Wrangler after many years is still embarking and creating on a whole different level. Only best things can be said for the quality of the Wrangler pieces.

 Long live Wrangler!

Long live Team Surgery PR.