Sunday, 10 October 2010

No brands, just the look.

 I call this look the flamingo look.  Its fun and eccentric.

I had to create look for a  magazine and the theme for it was subtle eccentricity. The kind that doesn't scream wild but still make a statement.  What came into my mind as to use vintage pieces and one of the  best places was to head down to Portobello Market where i have got some very good shops with fantastic vintage clothes for both men and women

The above look is a 60s single fitted breast tweed jacket which for sure is a must have for every man. This as you can see has been teamed up with a broach to give it the eccentric look. For me this works really well. If you are not a broach kind of man then you can opt for the silk handkerchief. Tweed was a major theme for most of the designers this season    

One has to say as well that to make the above statement look,  you have to be confident in yourself  and wear the look. Like i say to most of my clients you can wear the best look or pieces ever but if you are not confident in yourself then its never going to transcend in the way you look.

 What i call visible confidence is about your posture when you are gliding down the street, how you stand as well as how up-right you sit.
This is one of my best look, its strong, fiery and fierce. The biker jacket is 60s and very retro.
Remember it is not always about the brand you wear. It should always be about the clothes and how well you wear it.