Thursday, 11 November 2010

Identity PR Press Day Spring 2011 At The Saatchi And Saatchi gallery (Sandwhich, Stills and Turnover)

Sandwhich Spring 2011
Sandwhich Spring 2011
The Sandwhich Spring  2011 collection is filled with natural and very high quality fabrics.

Tapered work  treggings  in woven high quality fabrics are some of very new shapes that be found in Sandwich's 2011 Spring collection.

There different kinds of tops depending on your individual style option. They also come in various types of fabric combinations. And with a touch of lux there is on offer of spring coats which includes everything from short motor inspired  styles to longer parka and trench coats.

There so much versatility  to the collection, depending on how you want to look for the occasion.

Stills Spring Collection 2011

For Spring 2011 Stills focus on soft quality, tribal luxury, fluid fragile  and light layering. Still focuses on high quality pieces with handcrafted details.

The new collection explores the contrast between feminine and body styling and matte and shine finishes, with fits that have been perfected by the  the in-house atelier.

the silhouette is soft and layered, blending perfectly with the outspoken and elegant pieces in the new accessories collection.

The Stills Spring 2011 collection caters for the younger woman who loves her body as well as the elegant older woman who knows her style and what fits her body shape.
Stills Spring 2011