Friday, 29 July 2011


Crombie is the man's brand for men who are not concerned about their masculinity.

Man is the subject, yes. But not the issue.

The signatures are there:

Settle yourself in a leather couch at the soho Hotel cocktail bar.

Order a dry martini for your partner and volvic for yourself.

Now relaxing into your Crombie Classic.

Finely-woven wool is both comfortable and cool. You will an overcoat for the summer rains;
Crombie can give you the shelter you need.

When you unfurl, your Crombie suit, you will feel cool and fresh as the spring rain.

The new range of the suits are loose-fitting, yet smart. They employ the best tailors, but can adjust the forms to your shape.

They are responsibly sourced.

Perhaps the texture will be silk, linen, or alpaca. But for the moment, quality wool blends still construct the best mans' suits.

Structure,elegance, and classicism came together in a near-perfect match.

Consider Crombie.

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