Thursday, 7 July 2011


GOODWOOD will present a Goodwood Revival from the 16-18 September 2011. This will be like taking a step back in time as it is the world class event showcasing glamour, fashion, cars and all thing vintage.

The theme inspired Revival will offer those visiting to take a nostalgic trip back into the 1940s, 1950s or 1960s glamorous decade. Eventhough the main theme for the event will be motor racing and Air displays much focus will be paid on vintage fashion.

Essentially, one will be able purchase fashionable vintage clothing from some of the UK's best vintage experts who will have stands at the event.

It is however going to be an action packed september event full of best of British vintage fashion, historic motor racing and period theatre for everyone.

As well as the abundance of fun and entertaiment on the track, there will be a breath taking vivid action in the skies as the visitors will be treated to former Battles of Britain airfeild such as the spitfire, Hurricane and mustgang will perform elaborate swoops and dives over the circuit.

Other flying demonstartion form most of the other aircraft will take place making the air shows as enchanting and enticing as the motor race.


Something important note down.

General admission of Revival start at £36.
And if you like to make hay whiles the sun shine for this coming September 2011 event then contact ticket hotline on (+44)0 1243 755055

You can also book your ticket online at

Remember the Goodwood Revival is on the 19-18 of September 2011 and it's vintage fashion. Look the part,shop for the best for the best of British vintage and have a blast with the motor racing and air shows.

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