Tuesday, 3 May 2011

FASHION AND STYLE: My Visit to Kirk Originals - 3rd May 2011.

FASHION AND STYLE: My Visit to Kirk Originals - 3rd May 2011.

My Visit to Kirk Originals - 3rd May 2011.

Wearing A Different Style And Colour From The Sculpture Range.

I can never go into Mayfair without walking into Kirk Originals flagship store on 6 Conduit street. It is always pleasure to be there.

irk Originals 
has it all when it comes to the latest on trend prescription or nonprescription glasses and sunglasses. 

Glasses you want to have and wear to compliment as well as make a statement. Wearing  specs/ glasses these days is part of ones everyday trend depending on the look you want to go for the day.
Sculpture Range seen on me.

I know the company has been in existence  for some time now, but yet still from my perspective the collection they come up with each season is timeless, fresh, chic and funky.

I also love the way they have  these urban psychedelic names for all the range for example kinetic, Kirk Heroes, Sculpture, Saturn. How fun is that? I just love and adore it. It does appeal to me!

The new sculpture range is what I have my eyes on now. I love the bold colours and the lightness of the weight.  The Sculpture comes is in all shape and sizes. And the best thing you can mix and match.
The Sculpture Range - Look At The Beauty of  that.

The Sculpture range is very unique in style  and work of art.
Time to invest in a fine pair of Kirk Originals.

Flagship Store - 6 Conduit street, London, W1S 2XE.