Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Portrait Of Charles In The Name Of Art.

'Style Flowed From The Combination And beauty Was Assured.' by Charles Ampadu

This photograph was taken by a final year Photography student Michael who asked me if he could photograph me for his final Art project. The answer was yes. I am a lover of Art and I visualise the beauty of art in everything I see and touch.

Being his project, he had the imagination and I had the style. So therefore the two ideas merged and melded to form this piece of art.  His vision was based on the contours of the male form.

The beauty of a man was assured and art took it's rightful place.

... as style and elegance emerged as perfect couple.

Academy Of Freelance Makeup - AOFM

The Academy Of Freelance Make up (AOFM)Is Growing And Making A Strong Impact.

have been wanting to write about AOFM for quite a while now since was invited to their Studio which stands on three magnificent floors on Dean street in the West End a while back.
I was given a tour on each floor and I was amazed by the place in terms of the number of products and equipments they had. Just about every make up colour you could think of. I can not say I wasn't flabbergasted.

I know lots of you in the fashion world or industry very well know AOFM. And for those of my readers who do not know, allow me to share my love and admiration for AOFM with you.

As you can see from the header AOFM stands for Academy Of Freelance Makeup. And AOFM  has worked on some of the leading magazines we have the moment - Vogue, Tattler, Haper's Bazaar etc 

The AOFM harbors some of the world best and qualified artist who in their years of work in the fashion industry have achieved tremendously and made it work in any aspect be it high fashion, edgy, couture you name it - they have done it all. 

The above experts talked about form the AMOF pro and now what they do is impact their knowledge, experience and know how onto the new talent/academy students that are coming up.

The AOFM pro is a result made up of these team of world's make up artist. AOfM has studios in London,I stated earlier ParisNew york and Milan. 

How can one talk about London Fashion Week and not make mention Of AOFM?  The AOFM pro plays a vital role during fashion week around the world and it has been know for them to over 30 runway shows during Fashion Week. That's certainly some work of art...

This season they are the official backstage for New york Couture fashion Week, Runway Shows at New York Fashion. And like stated earlier they are a playing a pivotal role in London Fashion Week this season as well.

Having had a chat with its founders,Jana Ririnui and Jason Mallet I gathered that, they really believed in helping other professional makeup artist in using the best ever artisan tools to achieve a fine and demure result in their work.

 This is why the Academy (AOFM pro)team came up designed their own AOFM pro branded 24 piece professional brush kit. 

In addition to that they have published two top notch books and the latest one that was launched entitled, Make Up Is Art. This is a must read I have to insist. Well, it goes without saying how makeup can transform once appearance. It also touches on basic skincare and other issues.


Friday, 26 August 2011

Taste The Trend

The Three on Trend Cocktails Exclusively Tailored by Vista At The Trafalgar Hotel For London Fashion Week

(L-R)  Gemstone Glory, Sweet Golightly And The Lady Is A Vamp.
The finest cocktails, the best company, the most congenial atmosphere and the most accommodating host. 
That is what it was like on Wednesday the 24th August 2011- at the launch of the 'Taste The Trend' at the magnificent and breath taking Vista Rooftop Bar Of Trafalgar Hotel

It is certainly going to be the place to 'chill' and relax with your stylish Taste The Trend cocktail during London Fashion week.

Taste The Trend is a three eye popping, stylish as well as trendy cocktail drinks that has been created with their own individual taste.

To make drinking of the cocktails so much fun and out of this world, each will be served with its very own, and stylish Temple Spa Nail Gloss in Monaco,Marrakech and Cassis 

Now time to let you more about the three stylish and trendy cocktails...

Gemstone Glory

It has been created using a base of refreshing champagne, Blu Curacao and Lychee Liquor.
This cocktail is the height of his glamour and its topaz colour captures the rich sumptuous jewel tones seen in Jasper Garvida sparkling trend.

Sweet Golightly

Is the cocktail named after Miss Holly Golightly which is like a trip back to memory lane of elegance and sophistication.
Flavours: basil infused Gin Mare Gin giving it a spin of classic martini. Sweet Golightly is a  reminicent of the 40s chic as seen by the likes of Prada and Gucci in their S/S 11.

The Lady Is A Vamp

Is a drink not for the fainthearted. Made with Black Moth vodka, Mozart Dark and a hint of Absinthe, its deliciously racy and guaranteed to make you blush. 
And Qualities like dark,seduction and fetishsm as a trend, seen at McQueen and Giles embodies this cocktail. 
The Lady Is A Vamp cocktail also pays homage to Lady Gaga and the wacky out fits she wore on he Monster Ball Tour.

It is the cocktail for hip, trendy and the sophisticated. Well aren't we all?

These demure cocktails are available until September 30th 2011.


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Exclusive Paul Costelloe A/W 11 Pop-up shop At John Lewis - Oxford Street During London Fashion Week.

Costelloe Creates The Man

The new 35- piece collection - jackets, suits, shirts, gorgeous coats, and irresistible accessories - will float you on a wave upon wave of silk and linen (scarves, bow tie and ties) from the  runway to the sunlit street.

Each piece is individually numbered, one yo seven, so if you buy more than one , you will always be able to tell them apart. And more also it is going to be the only piece ever to be made.

John Lewis, with their innovative strategy, will be offering the limited collection on-line for the first time; and they will also have a dedicated window in their Oxford Street Flagship Store.

The  above selected collection of pieces from Paul Costelloe's opening A/W 11 of London Fashion Week show will be launched for two weeks only. And this will be right after the opening of Paul Costelloe's S/S 12 runway show on the 16th of September 2011 at Somerset House. 

An especial aspect of Paul Costelloe is his use of traditional fabrics - harris tweed and shetland wool, for example - which formed an integral part of his A/W 11 collection.

The whole range is an illustration of the cloth - and garment-maker, with a new-century of the Bohemian, earth and citrus touched of the moment.

The exclusive range is every man's must have and this is what I call a good investment in a trend that will last you a life time.

Costello creates the MAN!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


'We Will Move Heaven And Earth To Provide The Service To Which You Have Become Accustomed.'

These are the words of Jason Kirk, the owner and inspiration behind the Brand Kirk Originals.

The statement goes to show how well Kirk Originals spectacles are made, to achieve a level of individuality not before seen in the market.

They set a frame for your face. You become the portrait.

They are quite apart from any eye-wear I have come across. I always strive to discover individuality  and quality in designer pieces.

The pair I chose and will be wearing courtesy Jason Kirk is from the New Sculpture Range. It is stylish and personally distinctive. This pair has a sky-red frame, with orange inset; these will turn heads   from the four corners of the world.

London Fashion Week in September 2011 will feature the author of Kirk Originals, as he presents his wide of eye-wear.

The Kirk family of products is growing strongly . Be part of it and stay original.

Contact Details:

6 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XE.
Telephone 020 74770060

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Nuj Novakhett Fall 2011 -

'Nuj Novakhett Fall collection brings them all together in a Unique collection for the coming season'

Fall... an ambiguous word... Fall through or Fall forward. Another is Fall to be reborn.

But this season. Fall means the Fall Holiday collection from NYC womenswear designer, Nuj Novakhett.

This eponymous line is established through out the United States with followers Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, and La Aniston, among others.

Novakhett, who is an American of Thai descent, creates a highly feminine vision, urban chic with a hint of vintage.

The Fall 2011 collection will match the changing seasons: colours bleaching to white, delicate texture to complement pale winter, and heavy coats for protection against the cold.

Novakhetts believes in truth through revealing. Keep it simple, but sweet.
Signature looks and fabrics include body-fitting dresses in canvas, bare-fronted chiffon tops, backless silk dresses, and cropped jackets.

The Novakhett Fall collection will take the wind and snow, the parties, into the New Year, and the start of a new Spring.


Thursday, 18 August 2011


Jainnisa - Creator Of Jainnisa Beauty Product and Me

 Jainnisa is the creator of the Jainnisa  beauty product. They consist of natural bath products and skin beauty products made from carefully selected Thai plant extract and essences. 

The way our skin feels and looks and is so important to us all. It is the first thing one gets to look at first glance.

I met Jainnisa a few months back at the launch of her products. Talking to her about the product range she had master minded and also about how best to nourish ones skin has been an eye opener till this day.

The truth is, Jainnisa's product makes you feel luminously poised, your skin feels smooth and silky,and you feel perfectly balanced.

My bath these days is like bathing in the tropics, it elixirs and sooth my skin. And the natural plant extracts revives my whole body.

I guess I have to say let Jainnisa  beauty product sooth body and soul.
It works.


Beg, Borrow Or Steal

Premium Denim Line Takes The Show With Debut Collection
Beg, Borrow or Steal A/W 11/12

Beg, Borrow or Steal A/W 11/12

Beg, Borrow or Steal A/W 11/12
Beg, Borrow or Steal is a premium denim line that is launching it debut collection this A/W 11-12

BBS is breaking boundaries, with it pioneering outlook on denim, versatile looks, and high-quality fitting.

Prices range up to £70.
There are four basic looks:
1. Carrie - Skinny
2. Sienna - Boot Cut
3. Kelly - Straight Fit
4. Kimberly - skinny Flare.

Colours floods the collection; blues, reds, scarlet, hot pink, white and emerald.

Fit and form are key. Manual whiskering and careful distressing add an especial touch.

This is where I say, make a bee-line to House of Fraser and make your choice from the autumn/winter range.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


'It's The Shoe Effect'

How rapidly remarkable have shoes evolved in this decade. It wasn't much deal what sort of shoes you wore some years - as long as your feet was secured you were ready to rock on.

What effect does a pair of shoes have on your daily life? And as a modern man of the 21st century, one is constantly judged by the type of footwear you have on your feet.

It might sound really fickle and bazar but it has some element of truth in it and this about the success of man can be seen in the type of shoes he wears.

The shoe effect is an immense one and it can make or break your look. More men these days shop around the shoes they have. The outfit has kind of taken a back seat and its all about the footwear. 

There is no need wearing a brand new cut suit with a worn out shoes -  The shoe under your feet should be like a torch of light glowing to reflect on the outfit.

It must be said that different kinds of shoes comes with different kinds looks.  

Don't be harsh on your foot and stand tall.

New Womenswear Line Launched - Worn All over.


WORN ALL OVER  has launched it's first ever womenswear T shirt. It is a brand that is making fresh waves and asking you to ditch the wacky, colour mismatching pattern and get back to basis.

The collection has an old school vibe and certainly evokes the 80s era. 

The Tee are cut to fit and flatter female curve. Comfortable to wear and it is of great quality. Nothing better than wearing a quality T shirt and not being stressed about it looking distorted on your body. That wont be a good look.

The new WORN ALL OVER womenswear range is now available online at really pay a visit and click away.

The T shirt look is one of the most relaxed and it can worn in so many ways. Be inspired by WORN ALL OVER and choose the T shirt that is going make you pop. 

I feel a shoot coming up. 


Sunday, 14 August 2011


'Fashion is who you are and how you see yourself.'

Fashion is alive and in a different form. Fashion has always been with us,the clothes,matching footwear and other matching accessories came first before the individual.

There are so many times I have said fashion is what you are, not what you wear. The times when a designer would package a dreams through a collection and sell it out to the masses is long gone. But now people what they want to wear to complement your personality. This is what I call fashion makes you complete.

Day-to-day fashion is derivative. What we all need is new ideas. And recently I am seeing a lot more of it. It is now about creating your style and not being dictated what to wear every season. It sounds like fashion is out of the door and trend creating or setting back in.
So lets look afield for there are so many fresh fields of inspiration.

Fashion is how you see yourself. Its like how a pigeon flies out of a clock. Individuality is the key note now. Strike your own stride, check your colour-match, and be bold.

You need to set, rather than follow. Take 50s, the 70s or whatever era that inspires you and make it your own.

Or make something new altogether.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Two celebrations of 20 years of CAT footwear's Colorado & 30 years of SCHUH
20/30 Colorado Boot

Two great footwear brands - CAT Footwear and SCHUH come together to celebrate important anniversary this Autumn/Winter 2011.

For 20 years now the infamous Colorado Boots has been part of CAT footwear collection and high street store schuh are celebrating 30 years in retail.

CAT Footwear and SCHUH - their long standing stockist - have teamed up to produce 20/30 Colorado Boot.

The boot is of a high premium quality with a full grain leather upper, leather welt and leather collar. Inspiration drawn from the U.S military desert boot.

20/30 Colorado BOOT
Boasting features of the 20/30 Colorado Boot are the khaki colour branding, authentic army CAT branded tongue badge, and an off-white outsole for a modern urban execution.

To say this boot is the most eagerly anticipated Colorado yet is a statement worthy to be made.

The military look this A/W 11 with 20/30 Colorado Boot. 


Monday, 1 August 2011



Martine Rose mens wear designer collaborates with CAT footwear to design MARTINE ROSE & CAT Footwear A/W 11.

Martine Rose has always been inspired by functionality and durability and that can be seen in her new A/W11 collaboration with CAT Footwear.

Mixing canvas, leather and wool, the CAT Footwear X Martine Rose features a nylon webbing ankle strap, back strap and loop and contrasting storm welt stitching in three colours.

My all time favorite is the red colour. Very distinctive and stands out. Teaming them up with a straight cut dark denim would be most admirable.

Its is going to be a fun autumn/winter 11-12 this year. Look out for the Martine Rose x CAT Footwear in September when they hit the stores.

Here is a short film of A/W 11 MARTINE ROSE x CAT Footwear collaboration. Enjoy!