Tuesday, 17 May 2011

.: Dr. Martens

.: Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens

Once upon a time, there was Dr.Martens, the footwear brand that has always been different.

It started off with the working class, moved on to the skinheads in the 1960s, then came the punks, the goths, oh yes the industrialist and so on... 

 Now wearing Dr. Martens is a one man's trend compared to when it was associated to being a cult or a tribe.

It is the only footwear you can wear season after season. Even-though its a brand like any other fashion brand that turn have their must-have pieces for a particular, it is rather the opposite with the Dr. Martens for me.

It doesn't dictate it's season must-have. If anything they have evolved and reinvented themselves but still maintaining their quality and heritage.

Dr. Martens boots makes you feel like a rebel. I do not mean the type that goes around destroying and smashing public properties or getting drunk and screaming your head off...

The type of rebel I am talking about here is the creative and innovative one. The type that has his/her on identity. 

Fashion clones are a big put off for me and must be avoided at all cost. Believe it or not, there is a rebel in everyone.

We are in a era where we can use our own sense of style to liberate ourselves and not to be tied down and be told what's in and what's out.

Let's have a good instinct and flow with it.

Walk the walk and let the Dr. Martens boots do the talking.

Nothing wrong with being in your own world if it's a better one.

Dr. Martens is the past, present and definitely the future.

The footwear that does not conform. Dr. Martens!