Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pierre Garroud (Haute Couture 2011)

This was ever my first time of seeing Pierre Garroudi's collection so when I received an invitation for   his haute couture collection 2011 on London Fashion week, there was no turning back.

It has been said and I quote... 'People wear Pierre Garroudi's clothes to make a statement and communicate their inner feelings. He is exceptionally responsive to contemporary trends and its futuristic interpretation.'

He loves to disrupt the codes by which clothes make their appeal and this by...

a. rethinking  the glamourous signals sent out by their external appearance
b. by redefining their relationship female body.
c. and finally reinterpreting the respective contributions of beauty, past and future, memory and modernity.

Garroundi invests his silhouette with a sense of the future. He has no boundaries  and his style is ageless and timeless. 

Here are some of his Haute Couture spring/summer collection 2011. Enjoy!!!!