Wednesday, 9 November 2011


The Fashion Zoo - Fashion Press Week SS 12 (8th - 9th November 2011).

In a decommissioned church near Regent's Park, some of today's most interesting designers set out their stands this week.
This church, now unused for worship, is one of the “Commission Churches” or “Waterloo Churches” – a series of churches built across London to celebrate the victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, to keep hoi polloi in the C of E at a time when non-conformist movements were strong.
The venue was designed by the greatest architect of the time, and the fashion designers did their best to rise to that challenge.
There was such diversity and a lot to see. My personal favourite was the 'Mini' stand - managed by S&X Media Limited based in Birmingham- with great accessories, a new, robust foldable cycle, and a carbon-fibre racing beauty you could lift with your little finger.
Then there was Olga Berg, with glorious clutches and jewel-studded pouches. Christy's gave us funky velvet bowlers in subtle maroons and moss greens, a sure way for a lady to assert herself on the first day in the office.
'Duck and Cover' show jackets, tops and jeans, (shorts, too), with original colours and definitive summer shapes. And 'East' offer Indian-inspired pieces, made in ruffled, Ikat-style colours; one of their long frocks drew me as a moth to a flame.
I missed James Lakeland's personal appearance at his stand, as he had just arrived from New York and needed some down-time, although his clothes struck by their craftmanship, attention to detail and colour-contrasts; they are all made in Tuscany, sourced from local suppliers, and will make the summer a lighter place.
Upstairs in the church, Austin Reed were very impressive. Soft casuals, City wear, new knits, traditional formals. They have, intelligently, moved their Regent Street store to the previous Acquascutum location across the road.
Go visit. It's worth the trip.

An Interview With Vernoica Moncho Lobo

It is one of those moments in my life when I love and adore the things I do. 

I came across Veronica Moncho Lobo AW 11 designs pieces on my first ever visit to Forward Pr office. And since then I have had the pleasure of meeting Veronica Moncho Lobo a couple of times at fashion events, and I have to say she is a cool and put together young lady. 

This interview is a must read and a delight.

 Tell me about yourself and how it all started with the Veronica Moncho Lobo label. By the way I adore your clothes I have to say.

I was born in Argentina and lived for the first 15 years in my hometown, Salta. I left home to finish my secondary studies in the United Sates, in a boarding school in Connecticut, Miss Porter’s School, where I perfectedmy English and started to specialise in Fine Arts. After graduation I moved to New York, and specialized in fashion design at the University of Parsons School of Design. After stints at both Donna Karan and Catherine Malandrino, I moved to Milan where I worked for a startup menswear label and then as part of the creative team for accessories label, Zagliani.
In 2007 I moved to London, both for a change and to explore fashion. After a few months working with a local designer I decided I was ready to launch my own line together with my brother. Since 2008 our company has been growing and we now sell in selected boutiques across the globeIn March 2011 we launched our first flagship store in London’sBelgravia on Elizabeth Street and we are now ready to introduce our firstfragrance, which will be launched on the 16th of September during London Fashion Week.

Fashion has so many ambiguous meaning, so therefore, what would you say fashion means to you personally?

Fashion, as an art form, is what I’m most passionate about. I love the beginning of every design season when I start with the fabric research. I can spend hours and hours selecting fabrics, colours, prints, and embellishmentsWhile I do that I also start to create the colour palettes in my head, the first ideas become more and more clear and I can’t wait to go home and start sketching. Fashion to me is a way of expressing myself.

what inspires you to design your collection each season?

Inspiration comes from a variety of things. It comes from trips abroad, from architecture, a fusion of western-eastern cultures; I have always been strongly influenced by Asia. But what inspires me most are theactual fabrics and the colours; colour is my candy. Once I know the material I’m working with I am overflooded with ideas and start playing with shapes and fabric combinations.
Veronica Moncho Lobo A/W11

 What would you say is your trademark piece and how would you describe it?

Definitely the off the shoulder look is one of my signature pieces; you will always find it in every collection. It is one of my classic looks that I elaborate and change every season. It was born in my very first capsule collection and is where I started to design the rest of the collection. It is a very feminine look and has an Asian twist. I have versions in short cocktail dresses and the long ones. In the A/W collection I am playing with this asymmetry on half skirts and jackets.
Veronica Moncho Lobo AW 11

 Who would you say the Veronica Moncho Lobo woman is?

The VerĂ³nica Moncho Lobo woman is independent, confident, and very feminine. She is not afraid of expressing herself through choices of colour and understands how at every point in time she is expressing a newseason while capturing its element of timelessness.

How do you select your muse to promote your collection.

My muses are Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jacquie Kennedy Onassis. These three women stand out in history because of their femininity, sophistication and grace, and their style transcends through generations and time.

Would you ever consider putting your brand name  or would you ever design a collection for any of the high street brand?
Veronica Moncho Lobo AW 11

Yes, why not? Many designers have collaborated with H&M and I think is a great way to approach a younger crowd. I don’t think I would do it as a permanent line, or at least I do not have any plans for the near future, but the idea of doing a small collection for a high street brand appeals to me.

Award ceremonies like the Oscars is a huge deal, so if you had to choose one female celebrity actress, who will it be and why?

I would choose Kate Winslet. Kate has shown to the world her amazing talent in the film industry. She has blossomed with the years; she is a mother of three children and supports great causes. I admire her as a woman, and I stand by her side in the campaign “No to Botox”. I believe in aging naturally, and most importantly I believe in inner beauty.

 What do we have to look out for in your next 2012 collection?

For the next 2012 collection you can expect many shift dresses. The inspiration comes from the 60’s, so you will find geometric shapes, color blocking, beautiful bold colors and a geometric and colorful print that recalls that era. The pieces are very easy to wear it during the day andthrough the evening if you happen to have a cocktail or dinner.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next five years I see myself growing gradually as a brand, expanding the breadth of the collections, and with a couple of flagship stores around the world.


Models : Anarz & Priscilla of CHASEBOND Models. Styling : Charles Ampadu. Photographer: Rusty.