Sunday, 27 March 2011

Zanacco Spring/Summer 2011

There is a saying that one can always tell more about you according to the shoes you wear. And there is nothing worse for a man to wear brand new outfit and find him wearing a worn out shoe. Believe it or not it is happening.
So interestingly enough Jamasine Zanacco - Creative Director and I shared the same thought on the above issue where she later introduced me to the Zanacco shoe collection.

The Zanacco footwear range has an individuality twist to its designs. It's compact, versatile and very comfortable to wear. All their products are 100% made in Italy and they can also be said to use ecological materials and processes. So therefore you can say Zanacco is Eco-friendly. How good is that?

Signature Midnight blue sole.
The classic range is  all handcrafted, modern, sleek and the detailing is what makes it a fine shoe to wear. Not only does it play a prominent role in complimenting your look but also it puts you in class of your own. What makes the Zanacco shoe collection different from the rest is its distinctive recongnisable 'Truely Made In Italy' signature midnight blue sole.

The Causal Range is also hand crafted using natural products and not only is it luxurious but durable. It's different, eye catching and fun to wear. Well I can certainly say it's trendy and it would for sure go with any outfit you wear. There is nothing better looking than wearing casual cropped suit and teaming it up with trainers form the Zanacco's casual range. Even better there are so many ways you can wear Zanacco footwear to compliment your look.

Their accessory range is something worth mentioning as well. The belts, holdhall bags and the document case are all handcrafted.


Document Case


Zanacco Spring/Summer 2011


Eco-dandyism. A definitively new concept.

This new eco-luxury shoe collection draws deep from the inspiring artisanal craftmanship of Italy's regional shoemakers

Luxury devotees will appreciate that this collection is constructed wholly in Italy.

The slim-line leather loafers are subtle and sleek, and the coloured brogues move easily from the office to the evening.

Sneakers retain the same innovative gradation of shades: burnt orange, blue suede, with eclectic touches such as stamped leather and eco-soles that use biodegradable vegetable oils.

Zanacco is convinced that luxury needs a global eco-conscience.

Visit our home town, Vigevano, (a short drive from Milano), and explore our unique quality for yourself.







Saturday, 19 March 2011

FASHION AND STYLE: 1st Anniversary Party Of Wolf & Badger

FASHION AND STYLE: 1st Anniversary Party Of Wolf & Badger: "17th March, 2011 What beasts.Contrary to common knowledge, the wolf is the quiet one, and the badger the angrier.Humans can live with any..."

FASHION AND STYLE: 1st Anniversary Party Of Wolf & Badger

FASHION AND STYLE: 1st Anniversary Party Of Wolf & Badger

1st Anniversary Party Of Wolf & Badger

17th March, 2011

What beasts.

Contrary to common knowledge, the wolf is the quiet one, and the badger the angrier.

Humans can live with any animal, except perhaps the Tyrannosaur.

We are talking Cretaceous.

These two English beasts are polar opposites, and so are the perfect representatives for the brand

Zanacco combine these diversities in their unique creations

Tight and obliging, mens' coats give you protection and colour.

Womens' styles offer figure-fitting or floaty, as you wish.

There is a jewellery range, which is relatively minimal, but utterly complementary.

It's worth the trek to Ledbury Road to see for yourself.

You will look better.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Golfino At Harrods.

GOLFINO | Official Online Shop

Ladies' golf is the first time that the sport has looked appealing.

Forget the dowdy men's tartan pants and saggy polos, GOLFINO has something approachable and new. 

But they haven't forgotten man-style, of course.

Ladies have a neat and elegant interpretation, with customised military-style badges and clean, strong colours, such as pink, orange and red.

Breakfast Meeting With A Suits That Fits

17th March, 2011

Every man is a suit lover. I love wearing it and I do hope you do as well. A man should at least have one black suit in his wardrobe. It is a must.

I was at the breakfast meeting at the office of the 'A Suit That Fit'. on glasshouse road, where Mighel Crittin( Product Development Manager) talked us through their collection of suits and the inspiration behind it. Like all other design creation one needs to something to inspire them to create or to base their inspiration on.

Later on I was give the opportunity to come out with my own suit design that fits well on the body. My inspiration was based on me as an individual. Oh well, one has to be their own inspiration.

I designed a cobalt blue jacket; the jacket has cropped sleeves and skinny lapels. It had one button with skinny-fit brown trousers which are cropped at the ankle.  A low waist on the trousers with visible button flies and buttoned cuffs to your shirt.

A Suit That Fit is looking for Britain's most dapper designers and if you man or woman who loves suits then get in touch with A Suit That Fits. Because they are inviting you to show your creative side by entering their design competition.

The three winners will be chosen and their designs will be available for purchase, exclusively on the A Suit That Fits website and what makes it better is each designer will receive a percentage of every created item sold. Now here is a link  for you to enter the prestigious competition.

Submission should be made on Thursday, 31st March 2011. GO!

The team at A Suit That Fits were great and ever so nice. It was a pleasure.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Vice Style Candid Interview With Gareth Pugh


Gareth Pugh took some time out to VICE Style about his store in Hong Kong, what he does on his days off and having a fag in a toilet with Christian Slater, while David Beckham uses the urinal.

Gareth Pugh

Back in 2005, Gareth Pugh was living in a squat in London when all the important UK fashion magazines attached themselves to him like a Fred Perry-clad tumor. Fresh out of fashion school, he was soon a style-page wank fantasy, representative of the type of hijinks English fashion clamors for. It was all justified.
Gareth’s first shows featured inflatable outfits and light-strewn garments. Everyone in attendance over the age of 30 offered mealy-mouthed praise—like it was all very well and fun and diverting but ultimately fey and immature. Attendees under the age of 25, however, cheered the models and clothes down the runway, feeling like somebody had finally reinvented fashion for the 21st century and rescued us all from retro regurgitation.
Six years on, fashion sites are overflowing with photos of androgynous kids addicted to black who look just like Pugh. His line garners the type of attention and praise usually reserved for the vaunted and dusty old guard. He shows annually in Paris and New York, working and hanging out with all the ritziest fashion people, like Karl Lagerfeld and Mario Testino. We’ve known him for a while, though, so we persuaded him to take a few minutes for the following little chat.
Vice: Everyone says you’re super-weird. 
Gareth Pugh: Really?
Yeah. The artist Matthew Stone said that what people don’t understand is that you don’t think your lifestyle and work are weird because you’re so genuinely weird.
I don’t think about it. If I did I’d spend too much time not doing work. PJ Harvey recently said the same thing on TV—it wasn’t until two years after she wrote her songs that she understood them. What I do is more than just the clothes. It’s getting out whatever is inside that’s screaming the loudest. I wouldn’t call it therapeutic. It’s not that conscious.
It’s effective, though, whatever you’re doing. You’ve made it through quite a few tough times.
Yeah, for years my parents never really got it. They didn’t understand what I was doing in London—why I didn’t have a job and why I was doing all this stuff for free and going out so much. But if I hadn’t done all of that I wouldn’t be here.
Did you spend a lot of time worrying about whether or not it would work out?
No, I was just happy doing it. I wasn’t worried about what was next. There was a point a couple of years ago, right before a show, when I barely had enough money to get my team over to Paris. But I think it’s like Alcoholics Anonymous: Take every day as it comes.
How long did it take for you to sell something?
We didn’t sell anything from the poodle or gimp shows—nothing until the fourth or fifth show. My first show was such a last-minute thing. I was only really thinking about the show and not selling stuff afterward. But once you start showing, you’re on the treadmill and have to carry on.
Is that where your head’s at right now?
At the moment I feel very much between a rock and a hard place. People expect an amazing show, but in order to do that in Paris you have to sell a lot of clothes, which maybe means people have to be able to imagine the clothes on hangers.

Photo- Mathew Stone
Interview- Daryoush Haj-Najafi

Saturday, 12 March 2011

WRANGLER - STUNT: We Are Animals - Launch Party

Jump and play.

Wrangler threw a marvellous party in Dover Street (10th March, 2011) to celebrate their new jeans range.

The theme was 'stunt', which perfectly describes their style.

Don't forget, the word has two meanings.

Think 'Matrix' meets Korean action flick, and you'll be getting close.

Tight-fitting, yet flexible, and (of course) using only the best-quality denim, you just have to find the right fit for you.

Don't try leaping off any tall buildings, but show your pair on the streets. They will be appreciated.

Wrangle with your style, and welcome the spring.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

NY Fashion Week With Gemma Arterton.

Gstar Raw

Vice Style discovered that Gemma Arterton’s assured, independent style and authentic femininity perfectly embody the modern G-Star woman and underscore the theme of RAW Elegance. Gemma told us: ‘I feel like a tough girl in a fancy frock sometimes, and I think G-Star is the same. I like the contradiction between glamour and durability. Sometimes people are shocked when they meet me because of this contradiction.’ 

Their selection for G-Star RAW’s A/W 2011 womenswear campaign, 24-year-old British actress Gemma Arterton, is maybe a bit less controversial, but the company’s reasoning is just as insightful. Gemma is, on the surface, a super-glamorous actress who often plays 'posh', yet in reality she was brought up by her single parent mum, a cleaner. This contradiction makes sense when you consider that G-Star RAW's campaign theme is RAW Elegance.

Iconic rock photographer and video director Anton Corbijn—who directed Joy Division biopic Control—shot the Arterton campaign. G-Star has also made a series of films to mark the launch of the campaign and Arterton’s leading role. This second film in the series, G-Star RAW New York Fashion Week, was shot at G-Star’s NY RAW A/W 2011 show at New York Fashion Week. The film features the runway show and includes backstage interviews with Gemma Arterton, Rosario Dawson, and Jared Leto, and footage of G-Star’ RAW's high-end 3D denim collection with people like Gemma Arterton, Magnus Carlsen, Rosario Dawson, Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky, Jared Leto, Mena Suvari, Yaya DaCosta, Danny Flaherty, Kiko Mizuhara and Sofia Black D’Elia on the front row.