Friday, 8 July 2011

The Two New Rings from Angeletti Jewellery.

Roberto Angeletti has two new collections, desirable now. Lavishly Enchanting is what these two rings

EMBRACE, a ring collection, clasps semi-precious stones in gold and silver settings, which invoke the incredible impact of the Abrahamic meteorite on the middle east.

They are the perfect accessory for today's woman.

Tourmaline, quartz fume, and light blue sapphire, are the elegance.

'Warda' is the name.

ANGELETTI Jewellery is the name to remember for other luxury goods.

Craftsmanship and shape control are prime.

Quality is assured.

I hope you enjoyed reading poetry. These fine Angeletti jewellery invokes the inner beauty in you. Once again... Quality is assured.

Angeletti Jewellery can be purchased at Wolf & Badger Boutique - 46 Ledbury Road in Nottinghill.

You can also visit their website on