Friday, 16 September 2011


Has It Always Been About The Fashion show At London Fashion Week or the Audience That Attend The Show?

Another season of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 12 is dawn upon us. All is in hand for the London Fashion Week and buzz is in the air. The show is about to start... hang on a minute!

Who gets seen and get snapped is what its all about  at LFW. There is 'fever' in the air and if you've never dressed up for anything in your life, now you have the excuse to do so. The frivolity  of it all at the end of the day is about who is who as well as who ends up on the fashion website. Hush! Hush!

Do we really all have to be broken dollies? Does it really matter what you wear to a fashion show or the biggest show in  London as some term it.

I know for some us, we do not need to look any different since everyday in our life is a style day. I just love to sit back and watch the 'show.'

 It does not get better than that. There are 3 categories of audiences at LFW

>> The self styled - these are the category of audience who have got their own thing going on. They put their own pieces together. It could be a various mixture old and new fabric,  distressed knitwear, gothic/fetish wear, the dandy crazy style etc.

It has to be said the above mentioned are the sought after. They can turn heads for so many reasons. Not really going to go into that. I call it creativity at it best. It might look crazy but it often works.

>> And then we have the 'Brandies'. It is absolutely brand all the way. From the Gucci-s to the prada-s, they are all on display. This is what I call 'as seen on the runway'. There is nothing much to say about this category. 

>> The last category I like to talk about is the effortless chic category. Now this is very interesting. I classify this as this smooth flowing look. Every piece in terms of colour, structure, silhouette, and fit all emerge to it look effortless. 

Anyway, we all can't look the same, diversity is good. Somerset House will be buzzing and fashion and fashion faux pax will be in action.