Saturday, 30 October 2010


Peter Lang Australia is one of the Australian's most influential and successful fashion jewellery designers.

Each stunning collection is designed and hand made in Australia  with Swarovski , semi precious stones and finished in triple silver or gold plate.

His signature piece is always sought after by his dedicated customers of all ages around the world.

Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, kylie Minogue, Pink to name a few have all worn Peter Lang Australia's jewellery. And his jewellery has featured in films like Mission Impossible and Moulin Rouge.

Oval shape with red Swarovski crystal necklace.

Skull with multi chain Swarovski crystal necklace
Art deco multi chain Swarovski crystal necklace.
Oval art deco Swarovski crystal signet ring.

Art deco Swarovski crystal ring.

Skull Swarovski crystal ring.
Star shape Swarovski crystal brooch

Swarovski crystal earrings.
Essence Pr representative wearing Peter Lang Australia's jewellery piece. 
Now stocking in the UK and

Friday, 29 October 2010

Magenta8 Cape Collection.

 Magenta 8 designs and handmade tailored jackets, coats, capes and boleros made from luxurious baby alpaca wool.

Magenta 8's collection adventurously feminine 2010 hummingbird is based around the tiny bird and beautiful Peruvian bird.

Its worth knowing that Magenta 8 does not work on a seasonal basis, instead creates an 8-piece limited edition range each year. And practices frequent creation, continually rolling out designs around the initial 8 pieces, resulting in each of Magenta 8's stockist and most at times carrying their own unique range.

It is worth mentioning that Giovanna Velasquez is the designer, founder and creative director of Magenta 8.  Her work is instantly  recognizable for its feminine twist and satin lining.

Beautiful Soul Spring/Summer collection 2011

Beautiful Soul is a luxury womenswear label and has gained  an immense recognition for its creative and intelligent approach to design.

Light trench coat

A sleeveless dress rap dress.
 The all new menswear collection includes a capsule range of casual blazers and tailored suits u-cycled from both vintage kimono and the retro bird print featured in the  womenswear collection.
The Lining of mens blazer tells a story.
Myself( Charles A.) Wearing a casual fitted blazer.(Beautiful Soul)

Myself modeling one of the blazers and Nicola Woods founder of Beautiful Soul.

Myself  in Beautiful Soul S/S 11 blazer.

Mens S/S 11 blazer by Nicola Woods.
Beautiful Soul recycles rich and unique textiles around the world and uses vintage Japanese kimono to create, jackets, dress, coats and boleros. Many of them interchangeable and multi-functional, with a fine focus on longevity.
Myself and Nicola Woods modeling(founder of Beautiful Soul)  her S/S 11 collection.

Most elegant cape ever.

Beautiful Soul is stocked at the V&A and via their own e-commerce offering
View Beautiful Soul's first film here:

Monday, 25 October 2010

Swarosvki (Fashion and Tradition)

It is all about crystals. It sparkles and it just brings a tingle to the eye.

Here is my little poem dedicated to Swarovski launch party,(Fashion and Tradition)

It was a night filled with glamour and elegance.

Swarovski Nights

'Jawaher' fell across her wonder,
A lightning flash of glamour bright,
where facets fire the visual thunder
And the sexy abayas rule the night.

Life is a opening to terror,
A golden path of thrill and terror,
where Brilliance blinds us to our us to our toys
And elegance calms all the boys;

The light came early on that morning 
As Venus set, and early sun
Commenced the path that, unbegun,
Seemed hard and stony. Lovely dawning

Was when the Beauty came again
And let her blue gaze calm men.

Crystal pundit
Pearls encrusted necklace and earrings
Crystallised bracelets and earrings
Crystallised bracelets

A neck piece in crystals
Heel sandals encrusted in crystal
Models in a gown with a crystal finishing.
the back of the dresses.
Abaya encrusted in crystals.
An Abaya
One of the fashionable invited guest.

David Pun a  writer

The couture lady.

DKNY Press day.

Social Mixers and glam nights whether dressing for work, dressing for a party or a great escape. DKNY has it covered. 

Their collection is very modern and has an edge of eccentricity to it. It is a collection that is very feminine, chic and flatters the female body. 

Like all times, DKNY understands what the modern woman wants to wear.

Eclectic mix of luxe.

Mix with feather-sequin skirt. One of my favourite.   A statement piece.

Sequin tops. 

Knit scarf teamed up with a cotton shirt, a waistcoat and a skirt.

Mix colors of knit wear looks. Very Vibrant and effective look.

Different style looks. Love the reversible long body warmer  coat.

Long fur body warmer. A must have for this winter season.
A knit ruffles top.
Deep pink silk shirt with a leggy trousers / straight fitted  jeans, white top and a black sequin jacket.
Ankle boots with studs. 

DKNY winter boots
Winter leather boots.

Heel Sandals.

Leather handbags

The DKNY mens collection has a cosmopolitan feel it. It is a city mans wear. It creates a look of comfortability be it for work, a relax environment or going on a holiday.

There are so many pieces that could be put together to achieve the desired  look.
Various smart-casual mens look.
Eclectic mix of ties
Amazing biker boots
Sleek DKNY Shades.
Take style onboard and DKNY will take you there. Check out their store on Bond Street and see for yourself. I was impressed and so would you. 

For more information on mens and women collection, go to