Thursday, 28 July 2011


Pleasure! I responded when Goodley PR sent me my personal invitation to their press launch of Jainnisa's Beauty products.

I was looking forward to it because I knew it was going to be sublime and very innovating. As soon as I walked in(Morton House) I was introduced to the  Jainnisa the brain behind her beauty product. 

The first thing I noticed was how flawless her skin looked. she glowed with a great a smile as she talked me through her products and how beneficial it is to skin.

I was later on pondered with a nice hand massage. It was relaxing and the best part was when I tried the All Day Revitalising Hand Cream which made my hands feel all smooth and silky. The result was remarkable.

Thailand as we know well is famous for it floral biodiversity, and for its beautiful coastline. Jainnisa harnesses ingredients from these into luxurious blends and body products, that relax, stimulate and refresh.

The below stated are the Jainnisa's beauty product range.

The 'Calming And Relaxing' ranges takes you to sunset beach. There is a blend of Frangipani, Ylang Ylang, Blue Lotus, and other ingredients known only to those who collect them. There is more in the than you know.

'Stimulating and Refreshing' will begin your day. Citrus fragrances (lime, grapefruit, Mandarin) are intermingled with classic Thai notes of Blue Lotus and Wild Orchid. You will be awake and aware.

Bath Elixirs are another innovation. REviving shower gel, electrifying body scrub, and polishing exfoliates will nourish and revive your skin. Your bath will become your personal Blue Lagoon.

Then there is Jainnisa Body - hand and body creams and lotion, and body souffle that lightens and refreshes. touch your skin after a week of use. You will find out.

Candle time. Now, be-careful. But if you wish to experience the fabulous fragrances of the body products in the air of your home, there are scented candles and red diffusers to enjoy. You can share your personal pleasure with your friends.

Note that all the ingredients of these gorgeous product are responsibly sourced, and you only receive the very best. Circulation-stimulating Blue Lotus, innervating  Blue Lotus, and skin-toning rice protein. Jainnisa only employs local workers to gather the ingredients, and hence contributes to the local economies.

Jainnisa Beauty gives luxury, exotic difference, and social responsibility.

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