Sunday, 14 August 2011


'Fashion is who you are and how you see yourself.'

Fashion is alive and in a different form. Fashion has always been with us,the clothes,matching footwear and other matching accessories came first before the individual.

There are so many times I have said fashion is what you are, not what you wear. The times when a designer would package a dreams through a collection and sell it out to the masses is long gone. But now people what they want to wear to complement your personality. This is what I call fashion makes you complete.

Day-to-day fashion is derivative. What we all need is new ideas. And recently I am seeing a lot more of it. It is now about creating your style and not being dictated what to wear every season. It sounds like fashion is out of the door and trend creating or setting back in.
So lets look afield for there are so many fresh fields of inspiration.

Fashion is how you see yourself. Its like how a pigeon flies out of a clock. Individuality is the key note now. Strike your own stride, check your colour-match, and be bold.

You need to set, rather than follow. Take 50s, the 70s or whatever era that inspires you and make it your own.

Or make something new altogether.