Thursday, 13 October 2011


'Today is Boring.' by A Child Of The Jago. 

Joseph Corre and Simon Armitage  have a been friends forever and they are the proud owners of A Child Of The Jago, which they founded in 2007. 

They started off making clothes for themselves as individuals using end of luxury wool cashmere and cotton, that grew and materialized into an idea of opening up their own flagship store on 10 Great Eastern Road, EC2 3NT, LONDON. A store you will never miss if you happen to be on Great Eastern Road.

A Child Of The Jago has a very strong and dedicated followers and this year's London Fashion Week they showcased 'A Child Of The Jago' Spring Summer 12 fashion with a Rock 'n Roll theme. The show was excitingly good and the collections were outstandingly crafted with full attitude and lease of freshness.
A Child Of The Jago SS12 Fashion show.