Monday, 25 October 2010

Swarosvki (Fashion and Tradition)

It is all about crystals. It sparkles and it just brings a tingle to the eye.

Here is my little poem dedicated to Swarovski launch party,(Fashion and Tradition)

It was a night filled with glamour and elegance.

Swarovski Nights

'Jawaher' fell across her wonder,
A lightning flash of glamour bright,
where facets fire the visual thunder
And the sexy abayas rule the night.

Life is a opening to terror,
A golden path of thrill and terror,
where Brilliance blinds us to our us to our toys
And elegance calms all the boys;

The light came early on that morning 
As Venus set, and early sun
Commenced the path that, unbegun,
Seemed hard and stony. Lovely dawning

Was when the Beauty came again
And let her blue gaze calm men.

Crystal pundit
Pearls encrusted necklace and earrings
Crystallised bracelets and earrings
Crystallised bracelets

A neck piece in crystals
Heel sandals encrusted in crystal
Models in a gown with a crystal finishing.
the back of the dresses.
Abaya encrusted in crystals.
An Abaya
One of the fashionable invited guest.

David Pun a  writer

The couture lady.

DKNY Press day.

Social Mixers and glam nights whether dressing for work, dressing for a party or a great escape. DKNY has it covered. 

Their collection is very modern and has an edge of eccentricity to it. It is a collection that is very feminine, chic and flatters the female body. 

Like all times, DKNY understands what the modern woman wants to wear.

Eclectic mix of luxe.

Mix with feather-sequin skirt. One of my favourite.   A statement piece.

Sequin tops. 

Knit scarf teamed up with a cotton shirt, a waistcoat and a skirt.

Mix colors of knit wear looks. Very Vibrant and effective look.

Different style looks. Love the reversible long body warmer  coat.

Long fur body warmer. A must have for this winter season.
A knit ruffles top.
Deep pink silk shirt with a leggy trousers / straight fitted  jeans, white top and a black sequin jacket.
Ankle boots with studs. 

DKNY winter boots
Winter leather boots.

Heel Sandals.

Leather handbags

The DKNY mens collection has a cosmopolitan feel it. It is a city mans wear. It creates a look of comfortability be it for work, a relax environment or going on a holiday.

There are so many pieces that could be put together to achieve the desired  look.
Various smart-casual mens look.
Eclectic mix of ties
Amazing biker boots
Sleek DKNY Shades.
Take style onboard and DKNY will take you there. Check out their store on Bond Street and see for yourself. I was impressed and so would you. 

For more information on mens and women collection, go to