Friday, 28 October 2011


'And Now.. Glorious And Sweetest Night That My Eyes Did  Ever See'  By Charles Ampadu
(L-R) Rebeka Roy, Courtney Blackman, Corrie Neilsen and Me
A  party devised to bring together all the intimate, nice and endearing friends of courtney Blackman. The get together was to celebrate the day courtney was joyously ushered into the world.

The night was a blend of glamour which took place in the lavish Forward Pr premises - on the 4th floor of the Economist building on st James' street.- within intimately comfortable and relaxed surrounding.
Mixers of world Class Spirits.

It was a party with everything you can possible desire, the fantastic friends and conversation,the array of exclusive spirits, wine, excitingly delicious nibbles and exquisite ice cream - courtsey Corrie Neilsen. And also not forgetting the finest music which inter wined and put everyone in a relax mood.

The creme of the music so versatile and enjoyable throughout the night, as the birthday girl - Courtney oozed her dance moves on the dance floor in a dazzling sparkling vintage sequence outfit. Devine and epic Courtney looked.Oh yes!

'Bringing sexy back'as sang by Justine Timberlake was certainly achieved by Mrs Blackman with her moves.

Truly a night to be cherished.

Happy joyous birthday and pleasure as always.

Roll call of the chosen ones that graced the party...
Daisy de Villeneuve
Rebekah Roy
Jessica Bumpus from
Corrie Nielsen
Giovanna Velasquez of Magenta 8
Andy Bumpus

Portia Shaw
Laura McCluskey
Mike Adler
Shelton Lindsay
Mike McHugh-film director
Style Noir
Phoebe Frangoul, fashion editor

Monday, 24 October 2011


These Are Not your Average Dolls For Ones Children.. Super Dolls!

'Social Monstrosities' was the theme of the night event organised by Forward PR. It was definitely a social night, with the Haute Couture collectable dolls on display. The goddesses in their statuesque poses bared it all for us to see.
Every individual doll had a story to tell. And the more I looked and scrutinized the more my empathy grew. From their facial expressions down to the Haute Couture pieces down to their poses, they were objects of desire.
The Sybarites, the term appropriately used for the dolls, are 17 inches tall, all resin, ball-jointed fashion dolls, bearing 19 points of articulation.
Talking to Charles H Fegen and Desmond Lingard, the creators, about the inspiration behind the Sybarites dolls, they attributed it to the modern-day controversy of human cloning, and the reason the dolls had the same features is because they had been cloned from the same genes.
The Sybarites have had a very strong underground collecting cult since they incepted in 2005. The dolls sell at an astounding rate which makes them really collectible.
We all know that the world of Haute Couture is a very private one - so is the world of Chalk White. Every individual doll, I was told, takes a maximum of 200 hours to create.
Bear in mind that in 2006, 30 devotees were picked to attend the first ever official exhibition of these white-complexioned goddesses known as 'Chalk White' - and since then, they have been exhibited in Tokyo, Paris, Moscow and London.
This is one exhibition I couldn't have enough of. The Super Dolls stole the night. They were the centre of attention as each invited guest lingered over their elegant beauty and stance.
I congratulate you, Desmond Lingard and Charles H. Fegan, on your exquisite work.

Friday, 21 October 2011


It's Not Only About The Time It Tells You, But Also The Status It Gives You.'Chasebonstyle.
'Tea parties are a such a delight, darling' my HUSKY voice and there is always some level of assurance and certainty of oneself during a Tea Party. Cup cakes and champagne springs to mind. You don't dare to disagree.

This tea party event was to introduce the new winter/fall 12 collection of cK watches and jewelry. The event took place at the most serene of all places - VANILLA PLACE on 131 Titchfield Street. The white clean walls of the basement of the Vanilla Place complement the CK watches and jewellery that were displayed on the tall white structured square pillars.

As an adorer and allurer of the finest things in life, watches and jewellery are definitely one of them. Upon arrival, no time was wasted in scrutinizing the displayed pieces.Pleasure they were to my eyes and I am sure it was to the rest of social media party group.

The tea party wasn't all about eating cup cakes, sandwiches and drinking of champagne, and admiring the immaculate display of the CK watches and jewellery, but also a lucky person was going to win a Ck SS12 watch.

Before then, we were given a set of 8 questions to answer about the cK brand. The questions were both past and present and very thought provoking it was. 

A winner was announced - Prince Cassius. Who just beat me by half a mark. Congratulation Mr Cassius. 

It was a such pleasure to meet Francoise Do-Linh-Xuan (Vice President Marketing) of Ck- Calvin Klein. Francoise had just flown in from Switzerland for the Calvin Klein CK social media event. Gracing the event with her presence did not go amiss. 

The Tea Party event showcasing CK Fall/Winter 12
watches and jewelry event was very educative on the product knowledge quiz. The watches and jewelry pieces are a testament to the quality and High standard of the brand Calvin Klein.

I will therefore go without saying, the launch of the Calvin klien Fall/Winter12 watches and jewelry was a jolly good success. 


'Farlow The Connoisseur Of the British Heritage'
Country meets city chic is what CHASEBONDSTYLE would call it. The tweed coat, Jackets, waistcoats, trousers and the finest wool sweaters, hightop durable boots, loafers, were what I immersed myself in at the Farlow press event. 

It was a pleasure being at 9 Pall Mall - the Farlow - and glancing through the AW11/12 collection. Well, it is the pursuit of country living as one may see it.  The tweed has always been part of the british fashion trend for years now. And it is still going strong each season.

Scrutinizing The AW11/12 Farlow Shirt
And this season is no different. It has to be said that Farlow in years past - 1840 to be precise - has been supplying the country connoisseur to this present day. Farlow has always ensured to provide the best of active indoor and outdoor wear as well as quality accessories to go with it.

Let's not fall short of the sight that when it comes town dressing Farlow has it covered. 

There was an excitingly well received challenge or task at hand during the press event and that involved those present creating their own look using the Farlow AW11/12 pieces. The winner of this challenge was going to be the sole window dresser for 9 Pall Mall.

That was a fun task. Certainly took part and a photo shoot was in session once you had finished styling yourself.
Lord Of The Chasebond Manor

My look was obviously into country with a bit of couture chic thrown it. Think of the highlands meets  couture in the 21st century. Or the Lord of the Manor better still.

My favorite statement piece was the fur hat with feathers oozing out in the front. It shows that country style is transcending.

 Also worth checking out the Farlow - online store for a selected kit from the finest country brands as well as Farlow's own quality label for both men and women. 

The event organized by Octane PR was a success and many thanks to the Farlow staff who were of immense help in assisting us with where and what to find every piece.


'When Fashion And Art Emerges True Style Is Assured' CHASEBONDSTYLE.

'Exciting news I have for you charles' said Beniamino Muroni - Account Manager of Talk Pr. The exciting news was about The Luxury fashion label Mother Of Pearl (MOP). Who have teamed up with the Showstudio shop - appropriately titled THE CAFE- to launch an exciting new exhibition - still running till 5th November 2011

Mother of Pearl under the creative direction of Maia Noman in collaboration the renowned artist Keith Tyson have designed the AW11 Mother of Pearl collection. This where art and fashion emerges to bear fruitful and timeless pieces of garment.

Mother of Pear AW11
Mother of Pearl AW11 collection has among fine silk shirt,Tshirts, silk dresses, leather Mac with it's matching castor leather hat, felt wool hat with fur lining, woolen sweaters and dress etc etc. Fresh and autumnal colours do not fall short with MoP AW11 collection. The colour mixture of orange, yellows, red, navy, greens brings out the art of design on prints into light.

However, the playing up to the subtle sporty chic nature MoP AW11 collection, has been well achieved.

Mother of Pearl AW11

Pieces like the wool pullover, the leather mac,the silk Tshirt and not forgetting the leather sneaker/trainers can be worn by both sexes. 

In the AW11 collection comes block colour towering wedge sandal, leather sneaker/ trainers rose print and leather sports bag.
Positioned along side the clothing collection at the SHOWstudio is a exclusive tableware designed by Mother of Pearl.
The Mother of Pearl collection AW11 is available to purchase in store well as via the SHOWstudio website -

Exclusive Tableware collection.

This is where I say, one has to pay the SHOWstudio on 1-9 Bruton Place W1j 6LT a visit and immerse yourself with beauty of art and fashion. And once you are there you can drink your coffee from the cups designed exclusively by Maia Noman. 

Thursday, 13 October 2011


'Today is Boring.' by A Child Of The Jago. 

Joseph Corre and Simon Armitage  have a been friends forever and they are the proud owners of A Child Of The Jago, which they founded in 2007. 

They started off making clothes for themselves as individuals using end of luxury wool cashmere and cotton, that grew and materialized into an idea of opening up their own flagship store on 10 Great Eastern Road, EC2 3NT, LONDON. A store you will never miss if you happen to be on Great Eastern Road.

A Child Of The Jago has a very strong and dedicated followers and this year's London Fashion Week they showcased 'A Child Of The Jago' Spring Summer 12 fashion with a Rock 'n Roll theme. The show was excitingly good and the collections were outstandingly crafted with full attitude and lease of freshness.
A Child Of The Jago SS12 Fashion show.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


The Humble Man Who Never Stops Smiling... Joy To The World.
Myself and Daniel Chow - Taken A While Back.
His name is Daniel Chow,a good friend and a brother to me for some years now - 4 years and 10 months if I counted correctly. 

It is very funny how we met and became friends after. I have sworn to secrecy not to type it out. Not that it is any embarrassing. Being a good friend I will abide by the SWORN SECRECY.

Daniel is a young man who has really good sense of style and that is one of the many things that caught my eyes when I first saw him.

His style is really effortless, straight to the point and fun. When asked what his style was... 'Why put yourself in a style or fashion pigeon hole? I wear whatever clothing that appeals to me and make it my own' said Daniel Chow 

That to a far extend is accurate. Anyway, till now, Mr Chow continues to exhumes effortless style and the other pleasant thing about this young man is, his continues smile he has on his face. Not forgetting the cool,collected and humble nature embedded in him.

Say hello to him when you see him. Who knows, he might cross your path.



Land's End Angels Looking Up In The Heavenly West.

Polo Shirts /  Chino Shorts - By Land's End.
(Models)L-R Max,Andre,Michael.
Creative Director - ChasebondStyle
Photographer - Rusty
Among the hundred of Polaroid that laid before me on the day of selecting the best and appropriate picture to be featured in the 10th issue of HUF I came across this one and it just made think of 'looking up in the heavens and deciding to go west'. 

'Go West' the song title by Franklin Goes To HollyWood - a trip down the memory lane. And another Biblical trip is the Three Wise Men of which the above photograph can be attributed to. Not sure of laughing at this minute...

There are more of these exciting pictures to see in the 10th issue of HUF Magazine - which is NOW OUT in hard copy as well as digital and can be ordered online. How good is that? 

In addition, I have written a very interesting piece to go with the shoot. It's worth reading so don't miss it.

Now go get your HUf!


Monday, 10 October 2011

Sonna Rele In Bryce Aime AW11 Piece & Miista AW11 Footwear.

Sonna Rele - Singer/Song Writer.
Styling - Charles Ampadu.
Photographer - Rusty.

SONNA RELE as seen in Bryce Aime AW11 dress and Miista AW11 Footwear performed an intimate gig at the ever so stylish MacQueen Bar in shoredtich on Thursday, 6th Octocber 2011 to live audiences, invited guest and close friends.

Among the songs she sang acousticly were ' Bring On the Rain' and 'A Brand New Day'. The latter is Sonna's latest debut single which has had a good review and it's now out to purchase on itunes. Great tunes!

Friday, 7 October 2011


Dimples are retro.
Richard James AW11
The famous 'Windsor Knot' was nothing to do with tying technique, but the requisition of extra-thick silk-weave ties requisitioned by Edward VIII, which made a simple schoolboy knot appear dense.
There are only a certain number of ways to tie a tie, and the optimum is the 'Nicky',  a five-move twist that provides simplicity, comfort, and elegance.
Large knots and small knots are reflections of a man's personality. 
A simple, cool, small knot is the perfect complement to a coolly, comfortable personality. 
A large knot is assertive.
There is an eight-move knot that creates a similar effect, but it requires a much lighter silk.
The basic rules are: choose your weight, then your knot.
But dimples are in.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


'Man On Ice'
Here is a little read about the founder of Patagonia and how it all started. I hope you enjoy it...
Yvon Chouinard

Yvon Chouinard has always drawn something from nothing. And he believes in subtracting, not adding.

He taught himself carpentry and ironmongery, and he entrusted his business to other inspired individuals while he travelled to the ends of the earth (Himalaya, Patagonia) developing new techniques of climbing, on vertical rock faces, vertiginal peaks, and ice.

The original conception was a hand-made collection of climbing pitons, paring the material to the minimum, utilising artisinal methods with practical experience.

Clothing came later, as the climbing kit of the day was too moisture-retentive and heavy. Yvon developed a series of fabrics that are insulating and light, and then expanded into the field of casual wear.
Make a trip to the 6A Langley Street, Covent Garden store, and judge for yourself.

Sunday, 2 October 2011


'You Need Control, keep Your Waist In Line' By Charles Ampadu - Chasebond Style.

The belt, some men like wearing it and others do not. That does not necessarily mean as a man you should not have a belt in your wardrobe. A time will come when you will require it to enhance your look.

The belt is one of the most valuable accessory a man should possess no matter what. Same as it would be a crime as a modern day man NOT to own a suite. The same can be said for a waist belt.

Belt wearing even though can be termed as accessory plays a vital role in mens fashion. It has always and will always do. One needs control to keep your waist in line I dare say. 

Zanacco have a great new collection of waist belt to keep you in shape and naturally tone your thighs. Well it is a proven fact that belt wearing actually keeps you thigh in shape.

Zanacco belts are designed to for those who understand the benefits of proportion. The waist is the center of the body.

What the belt from Zanacco does is, it wraps you up exquisitely to have the feel good factor.

Time to take a good look at these brand new immaculate A/W12 belts from Zanacco. 

Savino Nero -  Zanacco AW12
Martini Maro - Zanacco AW12

Martini Choco - Zanacco AW12
Alanzo Maro - Zanacco AW12







Saturday, 1 October 2011


Kuka-Me Opens Its First Ever Flagship Store On 5 Elgin Crescent, London W11 2JA 

The wait is now over. Kuka-me opens its flagship store today, 4th October 2011 to the general public.

So with further ado, I will like to announce the opening to the four conners of this Island (UK) and the world for that matter.

I will also endeavor you to make a trip down to 5 Elgin Crescent W11 2JA and  make some investment purchases.

 A little history here...Kuka-me was launched in 2009 by Reema PachachiReema creates the original designs in her Notting Hill workshop, drawing inspiration from nature, architecture and textiles.

She creates original and timeless pieces which are ready-to-wear for the independent woman with an individual sense of style.

Men are not left out of Kuka-me's creations. Pieces such as pure silver cufflinks and bracelets are there to be allured and attained.

Therefore, I say its is a store that should not be missed. Here are some of the pieces to whet your appetite.

The night began with Jonathan Petty the European Marketing Manager taking us back in time about Patagonia being founded by Yvone Chouinard and how it was proud to launch its first ever flagship store in London capital on Langley street Covent Garden.

Jonathan also made mention of how it is important to Patagonia in choosing a building for their store that has a rich history in the community hence this present Covent garden store which was once formally part of the Watney Combe & Reid brewery and founded in 1837.

The store stands on a 4,340 square foot and with that kind of spacious area will stock or showcase the full range of Patagonia core technical  alphine and ski/snowboard products, and renowned Patagonian Lifestyle pieces and a footwear collection. And not forgetting the enigmatic kids lifestyle range.

We were later entertained to a life music by an indie band The collected Few. They belted some amazing tunes which really got everyone moving their feet down the store's basement. 

The Patagonia flagship on 6A largely street, Covent Garden is opened now and its been opened since the 15th of September 2011.

It will be worth checking out the first Patagonia flagship store in Covent Garden and in the Uk for that matter. 

There so many pieces from the Patagonia AW11 from my styling point of view that could be put together give you the inner city and cosmopolitan look.