Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Does It Really Winter for You?

I am a fan of the winter season in London, the random rain, occasional sunshine and the fast approach of darkness. It is a nonstalgia feeling. Yes, it does really winter for me.

The cold weather is just a cold weather and like me I love to wear the right clothing and footwear to keep warm.

The best description for london weather is three season in one - autumn, winter, summer - so it always good to strike a balance with you clothing. 

Wearing layers is something one should opt for. You can always take a layer off if the temperature goes up vice versa.

My other favorite wear is the winter coat with a bit fur affair. This is where you wear light clothing underneath the heavy winter coat. This look is comfortable, it keeps warm and stylish, and there is assurance of movement.

Land's End Winter 2011 Parka
The parka jacket is another of my lovelies. Everyone needs to have a parka in their wardrobe. It is one of the winter protective clothing you can just put on and be ready to go. It might sound outrageous, but teaming up a parka jacket with shorts with boots is a combo of mine. Get this look.

One needs a footwear that could withstand all the winter adversaries. There is nothing worse that to have a cold feet.

There are a few new names of footwear I can suggest which for me can rock the winter season trend.

First on my list is the Martine Rose CAT AW11. It is very exclusive, tough, trendy and has a distinctive colour features.
Vane Winter 2011

>> The whole of the Sebago AW11 collection - which I have talked about in my previous blog. 

 The winter season is a season of fun the way I see. Immense yourself with your clothing and right footwear. 

For men, I would say invest in a good long winter coat or jacket, good woolen soaks, silk scarf and durable footwear be it for work or lesiure.

The key trend for me this autumn winter is keeping it simple and clean cut

Less is more!