Sunday, 26 June 2011


Sally Pang - Creative Director of Sally Pang Designs.
Sally Pang is the new hot womenswear designer making waves in London.

 Born in Hong Kong and raised in London,Sally focuses on the individual, with flattering independence, and gives a woman a vibrant style with a seasonal groove.

Volume is there with a wind-blown, Greek isles look, but exquisite detail is also present, accompanied by vibrancy,volume, and an undefinable magic.

When I recently met Sally at Bank launching her spring summer 2011 collection I happened to have the opportunity to interview her about her work and the world of fashion.

CHARLES A: what made you become a fashion designer and where did you study?

SALLY PANGI love fashion and have always wanted to explore and experiment with clothes that would look great on women of varying shapes and sizes.  
To pursue this dream in fashion, I studied at Westminster University in London and graduated in 2007.

CHARLES A : Tell me about your recent  S/S11 collection and the inspiration behind it?

SALLY PANG: Frequently inspired by my travel adventures with my girlfriends, my designs feature their energy and their vibrant disposition. Each of my handmade pieces in the S/S11 collection is named with them in mind.

I am also passionate about the exquisite use of fabrics for movement, flow and their versatile qualities. So you will see in this collection, there’s a lot of fun experimentation with gathering fabrics using different techniques.

CHARLES A: So who is the Sally Pang woman?

SALLY PANG: The Sally Pang woman is a fun individual who loves to laugh and a keen follower to fashion. She defines feminine beauty in her own way. Her style is timeless and unique.

CHARLES A: Do you have the plus size woman in mind when you design a collection?

SALLY PANG:Yes, I have women of all shapes and sizes in mind when I design – as I mentioned earlier, this is one of my passions: enhancing feminine beauty and making all women look great! I have 2 ranges, daywear and eveningwear, and both are currently available as made-to-measure to be tailored to all sizes (plus or minus!).

CHARLES A: what is your view on the High street store copying designers like you?

SALLY PANG: I think high street stores carries out a trend which everyone will follow. This is mainly to do with branding, affordable prices and convenience.

However, I believe that if you have something that is unique, it will be strong enough to stand out against the high-street crowd.

CHARLES A: Would there ever be a Sally Pang Men's collection? If yes, what would be like?

SALLY PANG:At the moment, my focus is on further developing ideas and inspiration for Womenswear. However, you never know … I do think eventually I would like to create a menswear range …

CHARLES A: Being a woman's wear designer, what is the most things women get wrong when it comes wearing their outfit.

SALLY PANG: Hmm … there’s not a clear right or wrong, however, I think women often hesitate from trying out new bespoke style and trends As they are intimidated by the ideals presented by fashion models in popular culture. The phrase that I most often hear is: “I’m not sure whether this suits my figure …” My response would be to just try it on and play with it a bit!

CHARLES A: Where can one find your designs to buy?

SALLY PANG: I can be contacted via my website if they are interested to buy my designs. Through that, we can also arrange appointments for a private viewing of my collection.

CHARLES A: Where do you see yourself in 10 years to come?

SALLY PANG: In 10 years time, I see myself as an established fashion designer. I will have collaborated with other fashion designers, continuously refining my style and discovering what my brand can become.  
The feedback from interested customers, from style bloggers like yourself, and of course industry experts and friends will really help me grow in this.  So please do get in contact! I’d love to exchange ideas and learn more.

CHARLES A: Its' been a pleasure meeting you and all the best with your work.

SALLY PANG: Thank you and it's been a pleasure meeting you, Charles as well.'Sally smiles'

Here are some images of Sally Pang's S/S11 collection. You can view more of Sally's work on 

There is more to come from this young and creative designer. Pleasure!