Wednesday, 29 June 2011



WORN ALL OVER is a fashion brand campaign that is penetrating London and making it's voice heard. Londoners are seeing the strange happening in the city recently in terms of fashion crimes. I do not know about about you, but I am seeing people slip in their fashion and style department.

This is why the new lifestyle brand WORN ALL OVER is taking action to revert this cause by initiating a city wide campaign to find those committing fashion crimes. This is couldn't have been a better campaign for me to get on board. I can feel the wind of change blowing right now.

The urge is on for WORN ALL OVER who believes in going back to basics for this summer season. Worn All Over is a great quality T-shirt, very on trend and comfortable to wear. If you really want to go for the cool and laid back look but still looking stylish then WORN ALL OVER T-shirt does just that.

My personal fact about WORN ALL OVER T-shirt is the 'rebel' fashion infusion silhouettes it has to it. What I mean is,it stands out from the rest and that for me is very essential.
'Less is more'

Lets do the Tee look this summer and remember there are so many ways it could be worn all over.


British accessory brand Bourne specialises in stylish shoes and bags. I happened to come across this brand during Fashion Press Week. With the maculate style of the shoes and bags I just wanted know more. 

Bourne was established in the summer of 2004 the family business fronted by siblings Sarah, Lizzie and Michael Lambourne quickly gained a loyal following. 

Designer Lizzie Lambourne has successfully established a signature style which can be seen throughout the current collection. Bourne continues to excite women worldwide by remaining true to the brands philosophy to produce luxury accessories at competitive prices. There is more to see on their website so make it a point to have a look.