Friday, 7 October 2011


Dimples are retro.
Richard James AW11
The famous 'Windsor Knot' was nothing to do with tying technique, but the requisition of extra-thick silk-weave ties requisitioned by Edward VIII, which made a simple schoolboy knot appear dense.
There are only a certain number of ways to tie a tie, and the optimum is the 'Nicky',  a five-move twist that provides simplicity, comfort, and elegance.
Large knots and small knots are reflections of a man's personality. 
A simple, cool, small knot is the perfect complement to a coolly, comfortable personality. 
A large knot is assertive.
There is an eight-move knot that creates a similar effect, but it requires a much lighter silk.
The basic rules are: choose your weight, then your knot.
But dimples are in.