Thursday, 8 March 2012


The LA Based Glamazon - LOUISE ROE

Louise Roe was introduced as 'She's  red carpet regular, and is known  for her love of vintage style and skyscraper shoes'... Louise Roe aside all that from my personal observation is not just a pretty face but also a very intelligent, articulate woman with an appealing persona.

This beauty, with a one of the best legs in the industry happens to have a her own shoe and jewellery collection which she spoke passionately about at  her launch event in White city - Westfield.  

I happened to have a  closer look at the shoe collection and it was pleasing to the eye. Colour popping and had a bit of bohemian chic to it. Chunky heels meant comfort and easy to walk in. The sandels and shoe wedges exhumes style and substance. 

Louise's love for vintage and all things bohemian can be seen in her jewellery and shoe collection. The whole glam traveller and 70s style is what she got her inspiration from. 

Style for me is about comfort, confidence to wear colour and being able to stand tall, at ease and elegant in a pair of towering heels. Louise's footwear has certainly achieved that.

'I am obsessed with colour and orange in particular' said Louise Roe with absolute passion. Well she certainly did not fall short on colour when it came her shoe collection for Stylistpick.  

Lets not forget Louise's shoe collection are named after female style icons she adores for their pure sense of style - The Bardo - The Hotton, The Talitha.

You can see more of Louise Roe's collection as well as read more about her and her style tipS for for this season on