Friday, 31 December 2010


Etro is a label I have always loved and endorsed for my clients that I style. It was therefore a pleasure when I received an invitation to pre -view their Spring/ Summer 2011 collection. As usual I was not disappointed at all.

Etro collections are incredibly dense affairs. Pattern, color, silhouette and accessories combine to create an effect that is the very definition of eclecticism. But it is almost astonishingly polite for something that is so pell-mell. For Spring, Veronica Etro matched city smarts with a strong tribal influence, but civilization well and truly trumped barbarism, with ethnic patterns cut into tidy printed separates, shifts or shirt-dresses, and cropped, high-waisted pants to temper the flighty scarf

ETRO Spring 2011 Fashion Week Photos 457973

Chasebond's blog (fashion and style): SportsWear still Going Strong.

Chasebond's blog (fashion and style): SportsWear still Going Strong.

Thursday, 30 December 2010


I came across ACNE on press week day and I was immediately drawn to the their footwear. The Label  not only do they specialize in Men's footwear but also Mens and Women's clothing line.

It is a fun, eccentric label with a diversity that just gets your attention. I hope you enjoy shoes. It is worth checking out their website.

Men's shoes for me next season is all about style, individuality and comfort. The ACNE shoe collection has all the fore mentioned. It is the type of shoes that has juxtaposition about it.

As it has been said before, you can always tell more by what sort of shoes a man wears. Shoes for men are very important for me. 

 ACNE Men's shoes for me are fun and it is all about the Candy. Check out the Candy Magazine. It is fun, it's outrageous and it's hysterical.

SportsWear still Going Strong.

The sportswear has come a long way. Gone are the days when when the sportswear was only worn on the field or at the gym. But now it has transited onto the catwalk (D&G, Ermenegildo Zegna, Amarni etc)  and it has become a trend for both men and women.
Mike wearing Ermenegildo Zegna 

I guess the sportswear trend is in a class of its own. One may ask if it is a trend for everyone? My answer will be no. Not everyone can carry it off. You will have to be very comfortable in yourself as well as with your body. It is definitely not a trend for the over size or plus size.

It is a trend that is very comfortable and not restricted. It is a dress down kind of look and it is very relax.

Get in touch if you really want to rock the sportswear look. Sports is fun and  fashion as well so wear it and be you. 

Monday, 27 December 2010

Charles Ampadu's Love For Arrogant Cat.

This the label Arrogant Cat is what I am talking about. If you are a woman with a sense of edge in style then Arrogant Cat is for you.

Their collection is a must have. It's well designed, attention to details is spot on and can be said to be a statement piece. A piece that will surely make you stand out in the crowd. What I love about this collection is how is not mass produced. So Ladies, do not worry, you are not going to meet another version of you when you step out of your house.

Arrogant Cat shops can be located in  Knightsbridge, Great Portland Street, Marylebone, London Duke Street, Harrods, Richmond, Surrey and Mayfair.

So therefore its worth checking their stores out, you will be amazed. The END

Nicole Scherzinger wearing a Heat Back Catsuit for Prestige Magazine.
Hong Kong Super Model Jessica C. Wearing a Python Tie Chainmail Dress.
Alexandra Burke
Axlendra Burke rocking the Deep V Tiger Print Top
Kimberley Wyatt - Pussy Cat Doll
Kimberly of the Pussy Cat Doll also working the Chainmail Dress.
Michelle Williams – Destiny’s Child
MIchelle Williams of Destiny Child

The Mickey Mouse Trend for Spring/Summer 2011.

The Mickey Mouse has become a very big  fashion trend now. It is one of the timeless fashion trend. I have always loved Mickey Mouse when I was growing up and I love it even more that I am a grown up. Kids love it and adult as well.

It is a trend that is going to transient into 2011 and it is all going to be fun. Fashion is all about having fun. Lets do the Mickey Mouse look. Make Sure you do not get it wrong.

Hi Top Mousekeshoes

white H&M t-shirt - black Topshop leggings - black Boohoo boots

Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Man Skirt 2010

King Karl Lagerfeld

King Karl Lagerfeld
This the man who over the years has really battled with his weight. I have to say he has come a long way. Having a weight issue is something hard to go through, it kind of knocks your confidence down but I always say, all is not lost. If the King can do it so can you. 

Always remember your body is a temple so feed it with good and nutritious food. Exercise and drink lots of water and be stylish. That's is all that matters. If you feel good inside, you will definitely feel good on the outside.

The Karl Lagerfeld DIET is amazing read. You will enjoy it. THE END

Tuesday, 21 December 2010



SWATCH, the iconic Swiss maker of colourful fashion watches has introduced a new five piece set of irony The Chrono models. Each of the timepieces in the new chrono Black Collection with color contrasts and highlights  framed by the signature 47mm case is brushed stainless steel with black PVD.

Black sets the tone  for the entire collection, dominating each model from the black stainless steel case and rugged textured black rubber to strap black dial and bezel. Subtle but striking varaiations are executed in vibrant colours on the dial and hands. This impressive new collection presents a dramatic black and powerful edition to the Swatch Family.

For stock details you can always call 045 296 2448 or you can log on to


15th December, 2010.

The Mayfair’s Red room member’s club opened its doors  for the launch of the Ollie Pym limited edition t-shirts. The party was buzzing with beautiful ladies and well groomed athletes  such as the delightful Ugo Monye who were there to have a great time and support a great cause. Part of the sales of theses lovely t-shirts will go to Operation Sunshine which is a charity that sends practical aid directly to people in parts of East Africa who are struggling against starvation, disease and deprivation, in conditions of desperate poverty. Ollie Pym’s work is a fusion of Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. Taking influence from 1960′s New York painters such as Rauschenberg, Johns and Andy Warhol, he paints and silk-screens portraits.
There is only limited edition of these tshirts and they will be on sale exclusively at Selfridges for the mens and Harvey Nichols for the ladies.dies

The must have Shoes for Me.

I have always preferred  shoes to watches. I know the two go hand in hand. But I will choose a pair of shoes over a pair of watch anytime. One may ask why though? For me, shoes on my feet says it all. I can really rock the shoe look.

There is no point wearing a new outfit when you haven't got the appropriate footwear to match it. Most men often than not get it wrong that way. As I keep saying, what you wear on your feet reflects on the clothes you wear. Bad footwear can surely degrade a look, vice versa.

My favorite pair are the ones that come in heels. For me it is about the rock & roll feel to it and the sex appeal it gives to it. Dior Homme does it, YSL does it as well and recently I came across a pair by Alevis Mbola Haute Couture shoe. I immediately fell in love with it. I have already been promised one by my good friend Alevis Mbola.

My must have footwear.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Charles Ampadu At Alveis Mbola Haute Couture Collection

Alevis Mbola launched his stunning new Couture Collection on Friday, 17th December at the exquisite HEY JOCLUB on Jermyn Street

The highly regarded Collection are very exciting and very innovative and not forgetting its elegance. It can also be said that the Collection is very authentic,  vibrant and it's a piece that surely makes a statement.

My favourite footwear 

We were entertained to some lovely live music by the London based Indie Band Trail. They belted out some of their new tracks and soon everyone was moving to their feet. It was a good night to remember. Watch out for the Trail Band.