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WORN ALL OVER is a fashion brand campaign that is penetrating London and making it's voice heard. Londoners are seeing the strange happening in the city recently in terms of fashion crimes. I do not know about about you, but I am seeing people slip in their fashion and style department.

This is why the new lifestyle brand WORN ALL OVER is taking action to revert this cause by initiating a city wide campaign to find those committing fashion crimes. This is couldn't have been a better campaign for me to get on board. I can feel the wind of change blowing right now.

The urge is on for WORN ALL OVER who believes in going back to basics for this summer season. Worn All Over is a great quality T-shirt, very on trend and comfortable to wear. If you really want to go for the cool and laid back look but still looking stylish then WORN ALL OVER T-shirt does just that.

My personal fact about WORN ALL OVER T-shirt is the 'rebel' fashion infusion silhouettes it has to it. What I mean is,it stands out from the rest and that for me is very essential.
'Less is more'

Lets do the Tee look this summer and remember there are so many ways it could be worn all over.


British accessory brand Bourne specialises in stylish shoes and bags. I happened to come across this brand during Fashion Press Week. With the maculate style of the shoes and bags I just wanted know more. 

Bourne was established in the summer of 2004 the family business fronted by siblings Sarah, Lizzie and Michael Lambourne quickly gained a loyal following. 

Designer Lizzie Lambourne has successfully established a signature style which can be seen throughout the current collection. Bourne continues to excite women worldwide by remaining true to the brands philosophy to produce luxury accessories at competitive prices. There is more to see on their website so make it a point to have a look. 



Sunday, 26 June 2011


Sally Pang - Creative Director of Sally Pang Designs.
Sally Pang is the new hot womenswear designer making waves in London.

 Born in Hong Kong and raised in London,Sally focuses on the individual, with flattering independence, and gives a woman a vibrant style with a seasonal groove.

Volume is there with a wind-blown, Greek isles look, but exquisite detail is also present, accompanied by vibrancy,volume, and an undefinable magic.

When I recently met Sally at Bank launching her spring summer 2011 collection I happened to have the opportunity to interview her about her work and the world of fashion.

CHARLES A: what made you become a fashion designer and where did you study?

SALLY PANGI love fashion and have always wanted to explore and experiment with clothes that would look great on women of varying shapes and sizes.  
To pursue this dream in fashion, I studied at Westminster University in London and graduated in 2007.

CHARLES A : Tell me about your recent  S/S11 collection and the inspiration behind it?

SALLY PANG: Frequently inspired by my travel adventures with my girlfriends, my designs feature their energy and their vibrant disposition. Each of my handmade pieces in the S/S11 collection is named with them in mind.

I am also passionate about the exquisite use of fabrics for movement, flow and their versatile qualities. So you will see in this collection, there’s a lot of fun experimentation with gathering fabrics using different techniques.

CHARLES A: So who is the Sally Pang woman?

SALLY PANG: The Sally Pang woman is a fun individual who loves to laugh and a keen follower to fashion. She defines feminine beauty in her own way. Her style is timeless and unique.

CHARLES A: Do you have the plus size woman in mind when you design a collection?

SALLY PANG:Yes, I have women of all shapes and sizes in mind when I design – as I mentioned earlier, this is one of my passions: enhancing feminine beauty and making all women look great! I have 2 ranges, daywear and eveningwear, and both are currently available as made-to-measure to be tailored to all sizes (plus or minus!).

CHARLES A: what is your view on the High street store copying designers like you?

SALLY PANG: I think high street stores carries out a trend which everyone will follow. This is mainly to do with branding, affordable prices and convenience.

However, I believe that if you have something that is unique, it will be strong enough to stand out against the high-street crowd.

CHARLES A: Would there ever be a Sally Pang Men's collection? If yes, what would be like?

SALLY PANG:At the moment, my focus is on further developing ideas and inspiration for Womenswear. However, you never know … I do think eventually I would like to create a menswear range …

CHARLES A: Being a woman's wear designer, what is the most things women get wrong when it comes wearing their outfit.

SALLY PANG: Hmm … there’s not a clear right or wrong, however, I think women often hesitate from trying out new bespoke style and trends As they are intimidated by the ideals presented by fashion models in popular culture. The phrase that I most often hear is: “I’m not sure whether this suits my figure …” My response would be to just try it on and play with it a bit!

CHARLES A: Where can one find your designs to buy?

SALLY PANG: I can be contacted via my website if they are interested to buy my designs. Through that, we can also arrange appointments for a private viewing of my collection.

CHARLES A: Where do you see yourself in 10 years to come?

SALLY PANG: In 10 years time, I see myself as an established fashion designer. I will have collaborated with other fashion designers, continuously refining my style and discovering what my brand can become.  
The feedback from interested customers, from style bloggers like yourself, and of course industry experts and friends will really help me grow in this.  So please do get in contact! I’d love to exchange ideas and learn more.

CHARLES A: Its' been a pleasure meeting you and all the best with your work.

SALLY PANG: Thank you and it's been a pleasure meeting you, Charles as well.'Sally smiles'

Here are some images of Sally Pang's S/S11 collection. You can view more of Sally's work on 

There is more to come from this young and creative designer. Pleasure!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

.: MEDWINDS - The Mediterranean Lifestyle Brand S/S 2011

.: MEDWINDS - The Mediterranean Lifestyle Brand S/S 2011

.: MEDWINDS - The Mediterranean Lifestyle Brand S/S 2011

.: MEDWINDS - The Mediterranean Lifestyle Brand S/S 2011

MEDWINDS - The Mediterranean Lifestyle Brand S/S 2011

It's Tracey Emin meets the Spanish coast.

The SS11 collection is relaxed, timeless, and elegant. But forward.

These are premium-quality, timeless garments that will last for season
after season.

Medwinds will deliver directly to you, carbon-neutral, with guaranteed service.

There are heels and flats; casual and formal; clean lines and soft silhouettes.

Each day is different with Medwinds.

MEDWINDS - The Mediterranean Lifestyle Brand
The Marsella tote, from Medwinds, the lifestyle-setting Mediterranean
lifestyle label, is the simple solution to the Summer's opportunities.
The leather is Italian, classic, with the finest craftmanship;
detatchable straps and adjustable handles are there, creating an ideal
object for the stroll, or beach.

There is a green waxed cotton bag, leather-handled, with an authentic
Italian vintage feel, adjustable, summery, and perfect to throw over
the shoulder.

This brand was born in Catalonia, and every piece breathes the soft
winds of the Mediterranean.

Every time you carry or wear one of these pieces, summer will return.


Swing your stone, and hit the fashion spot.

- Bright and colourful jeans for summer
- Affordable for you to mix and match
- Perfect colour blocking summer trends
- Fun for your summer wardrobe

David & Goliath bring summer fun and POP into your wardrobe,
with their range of coloured jeans that are sure to set the tone.

Statement pieces for an aestival look, the tonal blocking trends are perfect.

Step out in style this summer, with hue and heft. Bright violet and
subtle herbal tones give that lift as you stroll through the park.

For under thirty pounds, you can fit yourself out for July and August.

The range of jeans are available from David & Goliath's UK store:

 Style Tip

>> Rock these jeans with a pair of high heels and tower above everyone. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

.: U.MI-1 Autumn/Winter 2011-12

.: U.MI-1 Autumn/Winter 2011-12: "W hen I first came across U.Mi-1 S/S 2011 collection at the Wolf & Badger store, I was immediately to drawn it. The reason being the sheer..."

U.MI-1 Autumn/Winter 2011-12

When I first came across U.Mi-1 S/S 2011 collection at the Wolf & Badger store, I was immediately to drawn it. The reason being the sheer quality of tailoring and the colour patterns of the shirts. Also the cut and shape of all the pieces I scrutinized were phenomenal.

 This is the kind of outfit that, when worn, sits well on the body. After a ran through of the collection by the creative director of U.M1-1 (Gozi Ochonogor) I was eager and hungry to see what her autumn/winter 2011-12  looked like.

True to her words, I was given the chance to view the A/W11-12 Collection and blow are some of the images of the collection.
The U.Mi-1 AW2011 collection is Gozi's further voyage into cubist imagery.

David Hockney is the guiding influence, with his innovatory
photo-collages. Grids, detailed patchwork designs, and blocks, bring
the clothes to vivid life. They seem to move.

Gozi's sharp lines and trim cuts populate the collection. Leather Jackets and
trousers in tweed are exquisite, with a range of colours from sober
black and brown, to highland green.

The shirts echo the Sixties, with floral colours - white, lilac,
yellow, sky grey - that take us back to Warhol and Jagger.

Gozi Ochonogor has created a brand, U.Mi-1 (pronounced
that represents unity and dialogue through fashion. The juxtaposition
of fabrics, detailing and style lines, prove the brand. Tailoring is
intelligent, combining a smart appearance with casual fabrics -
denims, jersey leather, cotton.

The U.Mi-1 range is for the urban dandy. Check out the tailored jersey
knits, off-the-wall denims and leather, and quirky knits.

U.MI-1 collection is stocked at Wolf & Badger in Notting Hill gate -

Gozi, is a going to be taking the world of fashion by storm. View Gozi's site on 

She is a talented one.
Go explore.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011




Comfort and style is what is at the fore front of Land's End mind when it comes to designing their swimwear. It's also about looking good at the beach or by the pool side. And for the active swimmers, it is about the performance of the fabric. This is why Land's End ensures it uses the best of its high quality fabrics for it's designs.

The swimwear pieces designed by Land's End are made to suite the real woman with shapes and curves. It is however important to note that, whatever shape, size and curve you have as a woman,Land's End has it covered.

The swimwear comes in many different qualities lines from additional bust support to smoothing body refining shapes.

There are also separates pieces that can be mixed and matched streamlining one pieces styles, tummy control and all over slimming effects.

The slender suit with a special slendertex fabric not only adds support to all important ccurves creating a slimmer and more defined shape but also extra padding and underwire for added support around the bust.

On this note ladies, stay in a fantastic shape with the glorious and falttering swimwear from Land's End.

Look fierce and rock the swimwear this season.

The sizes starts from 8 - 22 and prices are very reasonable ranging from £49 - £89

Remember to visit their online store and shop till you drop. 


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Wear It In Your Own Way - Land's End.

Ever since I was given a sample of Land's End Original men's Mesh polo to try out, I have become a dedicated fan. 
However, I can say that, my dedication to this brand is based on the following...

>> great cotton texture. 
>> comfort when worn. 
>> style and fit.
>> the rich array of colours it comes in.
>> The finish is perfect.
>> and the convenient  chest pocket adds style and purpose versatility.

The Land's End polo shirt can worn is so many ways you choose... 

>> One can always wear it as it is by teaming it up with a pair cropped chinos,or denim and any desirable footwear.
>> For a more preppy style you can opt for a blazer, bow tie to accessorize, a pair of fitted chinos and your brogues.
>> Or you always add your twist to it as seen on the model.

What I have done here is used a yellow lace to tie a bow giving it a whole different look and style. 

There aren't so many polo shirts out there that possess same  quality as Land's End. I am saying this because I did put it through the test.  
Every man or woman should at least own a Land's End polo shirt. And when you do, you can wear it in your own way and style. After all it is a  fun loving clothing line.

More of Land's End S/S11 collection can viewed and purchased on 

Model - Andrea
styling & Makeup - Charles Ampadu
Photography - Rusty

.: Be On The Go This Summer

.: Be On The Go This Summer