Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Finest Jewelry From ANGELETTI

ANGELETTI was founded in 1940' when a boutique was opened in via condotti- Rome to showcase the finest brands in Italian jewelry for discerning customers. Dating back to the era of atelier of Bulgari which was opened in 1905 Via Condotti has always been the key street which housed the roman fashion shops.

Angeletti from years past till to today has sourced  and carried some of the finest jewel brands and high end  watches in the world. Among these are omega, Pasquale Bruni, chantecler, jacobs & co, Baume & Mercier

However, Angeletti throughout the early years has developed a lasting relationship with visitors of the luxury jewelry boutique. It is also became evident that not only were the clients soughting after the finest Italian jewelry but also a special one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Angeletti has a philosophy that the finest  goods are made by carefully selected hands, following the precise characteristic of a deeply studied design model.

It is also worth mentioning that Angeletti is family ran business from the founder Roberto Angeletti right down to the third generation. Sharing the same name as the founder the Roberto Angeletti is taking lead on this new wave of activity in design and production

He was born into the fine jewelry community surrounded by the masters of Italian craftsmanship and developed their business acumen on the international stage

Using the timeless qualities of the traditional brand, along with dedicated craftsmen the jewelry house is intent on  the experience of ANGELETTI's original and highly crafted artisan jewels to discerning clients around the world.

ANGELETTI jewelry have landed in London and these luxurious fine pieces are stock in WOLF & BADGER in Notting Hill -


One Of My Favorite Piece


Tuesday, 24 May 2011




Star Hu is a luxury and contemporary  fashion designer based in London  the fashion capital. Her spring/summer 2011 collection is full of alluring colours and very sleek. The cut and fit is just flattering as it shows every contour and curve of the female figure.

The palette is colorful and lively as well as  fittingly appropriate for the spring/summer season. Star Hu launched her collection at Wolf & Badger flagship store in Notting Hill where also her design can also be purchased.

It is worth mentioning that, Star Hu S/S 11 is rich easy to wear colours: the yellow, the cobalt blue with yellow pattern, and strong floral dress that pop. 

Another striking piece in her collection is this black hand crafted long dress. The detailing is intricate making the dress comfortable and breathtaking. Its a fierce piece!

Welcome Star Hu!
Star Hu wearing her own creation and me celebrating her launch of  'The Star Hu' S/S 11 Collection.  Strike the pose and smile. I welcome you and look forward to your runway shows at fashion week. Pleasure and flourish!
Myself and next to me on the right is Anton Raymont with Guest.

L-R @Aizakbuyondo, Myself (@charlesampadu) And @clotheshorse90. I  love the colour blocking on clotheshorse. It is striking and certainly an on going trend this S/S. You got it right on point Mr Clotheshorse.

Sunday, 22 May 2011




Jane Seymour returns for her 8th season as the face (and body) of CC, in their A/W 2011 wardrobe collection, that combines eclecticism with elegance, colour and perfect patterns.

Day wear luxury is a theme throughout this collection  -  soft, feminine and tailored. CC keep the quintessential British look with striking colour blocking, and cashmere and angora blends; light enough for blissful autumn sunshine, and designed for layering on those mistier October days.
Fake fur makes the necessary statement, and animal prints take us back to nature. Of course, the country style is available, with gilets and parkas, (don't forget your polo pony), but The Colour Purple takes us further down the spectrum, from berry-toned jacquard cardigan to rich tweed skirts and maxi dresses  -  magenta and blueberry pieces leading us to the winter fireside.

Red is a special CC favourite of Jane's: iconic, uplifting and boldly versatile. The pillar-box suit in double-face crepe wool fabric is structured with pencil skirt and a striking silhouette  -  it takes you through the day and beyond, from business meeting to wedding reception.
The patterns seen in the individual pieces are so distinctive. Paisley, Aztec, Winter Floral, they all work under a simple coat. The draping and fitting, the shoulder and hip details, lead us straight into the December scene. Sable, gold, French rose, velvet devoré burnout and silk red  -  the only issue is choice.

Be the brightest angel in the room.




KUKA-ME combines the Zulu and Northern Sotho 'Kuka' - meaning lift up or uplift, with the English word 'me'.
The name was inspired by a comment from a customer: that she always feels confident and gorgeous in the jewellery.

The collection is about gorgeousness, easy-to-wear sterling and 18ct gold jewellery, particularly created for independent women with an individual sense of style. 
Design is dynamic and for the woman who wears Kuka-me jewellery makes her shine as well as her personality becoming integral to the piece.

Kuka-me was launched in 2009 by Reema Pachachi. Reema creates the original designs in her Notting Hill workshop, drawing inspiration from nature, architecture and textiles.

You can view more of the Kuka-me collection on


Friday, 20 May 2011




Autumn/Winter 2011 sees the fifth 'Cut' collection from Austin Reed.

In collaboration with Savile Row's inimitable Richard James, the classic styling expected from this combination of talents is sharpened with an urban edge.

Herringbones and winter flannels are key to this capsule collection, with sharp shapes and, of course, the classic dark grey velvet blazer lending distinction and unmistakable style to the look.

Underlie the jacket with one of the crisp white or fine-stripe shirts, cool and refined but not afraid of bright colours. You can create a look that is formal yet contemporary, such as a tonal blue navy flannel window pane check suit, matched with Oxford shirt and navy tie.

'Cut' also offers a luxurious classic navy overcoat to keep you warm and stylish.

Design and detailing, essential to the Richard James and Austin Reed concept, include rainbow stab stitch, bold coloured linings and perfect finish.

Expertise, heritage and originality make this collection an ideal basis for your autumn/winter wardrobe.




At my Fashion Press Day I came across KNOMO the company that makes stylish and functional accessories to protect and keep your tech items.

The Knomo collection offers must use 'techcessories' in hard-working fabrics and timeless leathers, for all sizes and style of laptop, ipad or ipod.

Knomo funtionality  comes as standard across the range, with shockproof protection for your tech items and dedicated pockets for everything else. And with the  function taken care of, the only decision left is what style choose.

The ones that I chose were the Laptop cases in 

.. Pony skin.

.. python print

.. black patent 

.. patent silver

They are very sleek to carry and  by far the coolest case to have. 

I know it is a laptop case but it still has a mult-function. The laptop case can serve as chic  Man's clutch for whatever occasion, be it for work at the office or your everyday use. 

Men Clutch is another  accessory trend that has made a come on the fashion scene. It is what I would carry to avoid loading my pocket with essentials. This is the type of case carry to boost up and complete your look.

You can view their collection range on and also make a purchase online.

I have got my laptop case now and it is a pleasure.


Thursday, 19 May 2011




MARCCAIN, the luxurious German based fashion brand for women, showcased a preview of their Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection at Fashion Press Week (FWD) in London.

Their market range is big in Germany and other european countries. 
Marccain is currently stocked here in london in Harvey Nichols where their collection has had  a very good response. 

The Marccain women, is one who knows how to wear clothes and feel very comfortable in them.

The A/W11 Marccain collection is very endearing colour palette  and has some very intricate designs. The whole collection is very 1960 inspired. As you well know the 60s trend has made a come back.

Pieces like the above the knee slim line leather sleeveless dress and the marching fur/leather coat is very eminent of the 60s glamour with a modern twist to it. This outfit is certainly going to be very big with buyers.

Other truly outstanding pieces are the knitwear dresses with front zip pocket detailing,sweater with hand stitched embellishment, leather trousers with good detailing,Leather jacket with sheep skin lining to name but a few...

In their A/W2011 footwear range are following...

>> the ankle leather boots - this is going be another season must have. Details like the zip on the side gives it a casual/smart feel to it. The outsole which is rubber makes it sturdy to for the A/W season.

>> The Kitten heels is another 60s inspired. It is chic, elegant and ultra style. It is comfortable black pump love - heeled footwear that every woman will love to add to their shoe collection.
A shoe like that can be worn to the office, casual day out or even  for festive occasion.

>> laced-up heel ankle boots.

>> military boots. 

>> leather boot with fur lining.

>> above the knee boots etc

The bag on the accessory side is uniquely designed and has an excellent craftsmanship to it.

What can be said of the A/W 11 Marccain bags is that, they are beautiful,fashionable and of good quality. 

It was a pleasure meeting the Marccain team - Elisabeth Beck and Adeline Lashari who are the PR Specialist. Good work done.

You can view more the collection on


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

.: Dr. Martens

.: Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens

Once upon a time, there was Dr.Martens, the footwear brand that has always been different.

It started off with the working class, moved on to the skinheads in the 1960s, then came the punks, the goths, oh yes the industrialist and so on... 

 Now wearing Dr. Martens is a one man's trend compared to when it was associated to being a cult or a tribe.

It is the only footwear you can wear season after season. Even-though its a brand like any other fashion brand that turn have their must-have pieces for a particular, it is rather the opposite with the Dr. Martens for me.

It doesn't dictate it's season must-have. If anything they have evolved and reinvented themselves but still maintaining their quality and heritage.

Dr. Martens boots makes you feel like a rebel. I do not mean the type that goes around destroying and smashing public properties or getting drunk and screaming your head off...

The type of rebel I am talking about here is the creative and innovative one. The type that has his/her on identity. 

Fashion clones are a big put off for me and must be avoided at all cost. Believe it or not, there is a rebel in everyone.

We are in a era where we can use our own sense of style to liberate ourselves and not to be tied down and be told what's in and what's out.

Let's have a good instinct and flow with it.

Walk the walk and let the Dr. Martens boots do the talking.

Nothing wrong with being in your own world if it's a better one.

Dr. Martens is the past, present and definitely the future.

The footwear that does not conform. Dr. Martens!

Sunday, 15 May 2011




11TH MAY 20011

Land's End a/w 11 clothing is fueled with passion for colour and each and every piece is designed to be individual as well as having it's own originality.

Therefore you can pick a single individual piece and make it your own to suit your style.

The men's collection have a range of new improved original mesh polo with thick necks. These come in different colours.  

Checks shirt also feature in the a/w 11 collection and they are made to last longer. The fabric is thick, pure cotton and fits perfectly. This can be best teamed up with a pair of Land's End A/W chinos, a blazer and pair of brogues. And you are set to go.
Men's Check Shirts
Your Autumn/winter wardrobe will not be complete if you didn't have your wax jacket or trench coat. These are very classic pieces for the British weather. 

Four Pockets Wax Jacket
The wax jacket from the Land's End is modern and elegant. The tailored style cut is accentuated by the use of front button and double upper pocket.
The finish is bloom and trimmed to fit.

The Land's End trench coat collection for men stand out as young, modern and innovative. The collection offers a diverse way you can wear it be for your business outfit or the casual and smart casual look. 
It is a perfect fit and the highest comfort wearing.
For the A/W 2011 womenswear there are knitwear 
range which is upper soft and super chic. From the sensational women's jumper and warm capes to classic cardigans and knitted dresses in new winter share and styles. These soft and yet thick separates will be ideal addition for every woman's wardrobe.
A Belted Knitwear
Camel coat in the women's collection is military inspired. The military style coat keeps feautring every A/W but what makes the Land's End differ is it pure elegance that maintains a feminine fit.
Military Inspired Camel Coat.
Military Inspired
Land's End women's range is all about layering which is going be a big trend next A/W11. Layering with luxurious soft and really warm knitwear and teaming it up with a trench coat which offers unsurpassed warmth and softness.
The Trench Coat.
As well as the wax jacket for the men, there is also the women's version. It has a front four pockets, a corduroy lining and a tartan lining.
Women's Wax Jacket A/W11 
Desert Boot With Wedges
There is also the kids autumn/winter 2011 range which is fun and full of colour. The Land's End Child is one who enjoys life and takes delight in what they wear.

Kids need fun and adventure with their clothing and as well as to keep them warm in the fall season.

The collection for the kids includes the trench coat, tartan shirts with wool lining, tie and dye T shirt, parka jacket, chinos etc. Attention to details 

The Land's End a/w11 press day was a success. And my thanks goes to the team for inviting me to view the collection and write my views on it.

To summarize, I would say, Land's End a/w 11 is ...
>> fun and refreshing in terms of colour cords.
>> trendy in terms of cut and style.
>> very cosmopolitan for city wear.
>> investment piece in terms of quality.

View the Land's End Website on There are a whole lot more to see and buy.