Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Dinner for five curtesy Robert Clayton, a Fashion Designer and famously known for his creation of Yorkshire pearls... little did I know he was also capable of perfectly wiping up a cuisine that could march up to any other five star restaurant in London. 

You didn't know that did you?

The starter was a thin slice of parma ham rapped around asparagus served with baby spinach, marinated mushroom, parsnips, a slice of goat cheese with a drizzle of extra virgin oil.

The main dish - A perfectly cooked beef ( I opted for medium rare which was divine and just melted in my mouth) with grilled crunchy vegetable and new potatoes which tasted sanctorum.
'The Strawberry Surprise'

A gain, I was blown away by the dessert which was single handedly put together by Bert. I had to name  'Strawberry Surprise' for the fact that I was flabbergasted with the art. 

To make the night more festive, we were treated to a delicious spongy christmas pudding and once again, it was made by the bare hands of Bert. I dare say more!

We drunk, we ate, chatted and made merry. An evening that made me realize that this man - Bert - is a wonderful being that has many talents and one of them is certainly the ability conquer the kitchen - cooking.


Monday, 12 December 2011



Comfort lovers,

So, the Duchess of Cambridge will be spending her first Christmas at Balmoral this year. Tartan treats aplenty, no doubt.

But her stay could be made even more stylish with a pair of supper slippers in the distinctive GANT tartan.

Warm within, cheerful without, these lovely slippers are the perfect footwear after you have kicked off the slush from your boots in the hall and your feet are ready for comfort and warmth by the fire.

These slippers are a perfect present for the male members of your family; on ladies, they take on a subtly different look, assertive and relaxed. Each step in these tartan troubadours is a light delight. Your feet bring happiness to the room.

Throw another log on the blaze, Delilah.

Pleasure I say! 

Saturday, 10 December 2011

1st Anniversary Party Of KIRK ORIGINALS.



I salute you, Kirk Originals, for a year's success at your flagship store on Conduit Street in Mayfair. 

It was a pleasurable delight to be part of the celebrations there, where specs lovers and dedicated Kirk Originals fans were all under one roof, enjoying each other's company and the delicious nibbles. And most important of all, to view the new range of Kirk Originals acrylic frames - Beam

The thickness of the frame is something new, a novel introduction. And Kirk has maintained the Vibrancy of colours which is well-known as his signature.

The night was fun, and seeing Jason Kirk modeling his new range of specs was awe-inspiring. We were treated to some up-beat tunes by DJ Nikki Beatnik and a set from Jake Emlyn, who took to the stage for a live performance.

I could not but try on some of the newest frames ranges, and I have to say the styles keep getting better.

Best wishes to all the Kirk staff for your good work, continuous warm hospitality, and also to the ever-so-delightful Task Pr team for the success of the night.

Kirk Originals specs is still the number one pacesetter for frames and their newest range - BEAM - is going to be the standard funky face furniture for 2012.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Style lovers, of the male variety;

MURDOCK London has decided to offer three new grooming lines for the winter season.

John Lewis (and Online) carries them all, so you can go sample for yourself. But today, I am going to look at the purist offering, The Basic Shave Set.
The Basic Shave Set
Now, understatement is a good thing; but 'Basic' takes on a new meaning here. We have everything for an early morning stress-release, so you will look tranquil on the Jubilee line.

If you have never shaved with a badger brush, let me tell you, it's like being tickled by Salome. And there are far too many badgers, anyway. The stiffness of the hairs is important , as they stimulate the facial skin and open the hair roots slightly. The Avalon cologne cream will 
help to conclude the perfect shave; splash with cold water, and there is no need for an after-shave.

Drop in to the one of the Murdock stores for further advice if required. You can explore the full range there. Staff are fully informed.

I would recommend this as a gift for your best buddy. But that would be giving away secrets.



Take the weight off your feet This Season. Dispair London is the new footwear brand taking the city by storm.
Leather Brogue Lace up Boots.
Dispair London AW11
From smart to casual, Dispair London has it all covered. It is light weight, its wearable and unique in terms style and giving you a look that  you wont find anywhere.

All the sole of the shoes are finished with a contrasting out sole giving the designs a distinctive Dispair London signature.
Smart Loafers.
Dispair London AW11

Topman stocks Dispair London and so far the responses has been overwhelmingly positive, with some style being sold out.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Mark Thomas Taylor's Funky Edge And Style Rhythm For Spring/Summer 2012
Mark Thomas Taylor SS12
The Mark Thomas Taylor (MTT) signature is built around Asian flair. Each season has its own colour, but MTT offers colours that transcend the seasons. Understated and effortlessly cool, each piece has quiet detailing and simple strength.

The launch collection features shirts and denims. Shirts go Thai, traditional fabrics and colours looking stylish yet restrained. T's and vests are super-soft washed, hugging your body with love. 

Premium Denim slim fit jeans are offered in a range of finishes, from raw unwashed to distressed grey; dirty-washed skinny fits complete the range.

Mark Thomas Taylor SS12

The colour palette runs from hot to cool, with bright fuschia pinks and lime greens at one end and warm purples and indigo at the other, offset with neutral greys and navy, and a touch of emerald green.

Mark T Taylor waxes  lyrical about eponymous label. "i want people to smile when they look at my clothes." A philosophy of personal happiness underlines MTT's approach to style, life and work. "I love to celebrate life, and I hope my clothes express this."  Says Mark T. Taylor. 


Dateline: 6.12.2011
Location: Covent Garden, London.

'The Murdock Man' - The Man Who Is Himself, Comfortable, Stylish And Feeds Off His Natural Good looks.
'The Murdock Man' This Month Is David Waddington.

To the Murdock store on Monmouth Street, to celebrate the themurdockman.com, the new website from Murdock London.

The December edition is full of good things, just like the store itself. Each edition will feature 'THE' Murdock Man, the first being Mr David Waddington, proprietor of the Bistrotheque restaurant in Hackney, and looking elegant and relaxed by the fireplace. There are also tips on good barbering, and an appreciation of tweed.

The site has sections on culture, grooming, food and drink, and sports. It's a grown-up playground for the man who isn't afraid to look his best.

Which brings us back to the Covent Garden store. If ever a shop was small but perfectly formed, this is it. The ground floor offers grooming products and colognes, apparel and travel gear, and a solo barber chair. On the upstairs mezzanine, there is a discreet two-seater barbershop, gleaming with cut-glass mirrors and light wood. 

The downstairs mezzanine is a book-lined snug, with playing-card wallpaper and comfortable chairs for a little browsing through the graphic works of Peter Doig. The store is beautifully laid out, warm and tranquil, and the staff exemplary.

Whether you browse on-line, or visit the store for a shave and trim, Murdock LONDON is a name to add to your vade mecum.


Hit The London Streets On The Cool Retro Raleigh.
Cool Vintage Raleigh Bike

Monday, 28 November 2011


'She Sets The Pace As The Rest Follow...Watch!!'

'An African girl in the Western World' was the theme I came up with when shooting this fashion film for the PERIGOLD clothing label.

The Piece worn by the model is a jumpsuit. 

PERIGOLD is known for her use of rich African 'woden' prints which she transforms it into a western style of clothing with embedded Afrocentrism.  

You can view more of PERIGOLD's collection on www.perigold.co.uk 

Now click on the link below to watch the film.


Credits:Makeup - Charles Ampadu. Hair - Tokoyo J. Styling - Charles Ampadu. Film by Max Eggeling & Patrick Shead-Simmonds. Jumpsuit - Perigold. Accessories by Bolongaro Trevor, Jock Fairweather. Model - Priscilla.


Winter Is No Frivolity , Be The 'Energie' Man - Its your Smart Buy For This Winter... Be a Winner!

Lets get real here guys... winter is here and its all about being able look good and rock your look even though it might be freezing cold.

The Energie man's A/W 11-12 collection is what we should be rocking with this winter for its durability, stylishness and the edge it will give you to combat the winter weather.
Padded Winter Denim Jacket By Energie.

Pieces like the padded denim jacket are a must-have and a smart buy this season. The padded inside keeps the warmth within. Team that with your boots and a pair of loose fit denim jeans and you are set to rock the street.

The knitwear from the Energie range is not to be forgotten. Like they say, the chunkier the wear, the warmer you feel. The best style tip: a fitted Energie shirt with knitwear and denim slim-fit jeans; team them up with boots.

With their strong, rigorous winter denim jeans, Energie does not follow established trends; they focus on using quality materials and fabric to create outstanding and cutting-edge designs.

The men's winter range from Energie is a smart buy, with various denim pieces to accessories that are going to combat the weather and still maintain your cool.  

Energie has shops all around the world for you to visit, or you can shop online at www.energie,it
Waist Length Coat -  A Feel Of The Military Look.

Chunky Woolen Scarf - Winter Warmer.

Thursday, 24 November 2011






Last night - 23 November, 2011- saw the launch of the first ever Sebago flagship store on Regent Street in London. 

Who wouldn't be a fan of this American brand in terms of their innovating craftsmanship, style and attention to details. 

Over the years Sebago have had various talented individuals such as Vane, Billy Kirk (Chris & Chris), Ronnie Fieg work with the brand.

The Nautical theme store is on two floor - lower ground floor and a first floor- which is spacious, airy and bright. It is a known fact that  Sebago has a very strong and dedicated following. And these dedicated fan are certainly not going to be disappointed with their A/W 11- 12 collection at the store.

The new Store is now open so go and immense yourself in the nautical theme and create  yourself a look that says you are a Sebago clan.

I can not end without thanking the Chase Pr team who made the night a great success. 

Well Done.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Horace S/S 12
Horace Clothing is always pushing the boundaries with their designs. And lets just say they never fail in my eyes. The design house can go on pushing the boundaries as far as I am concerned. 

Their S/S 12 is more to adhere for. This men's oversize top with an infusion of leather gives it a futuristic edgy look and the quirkiness is much to be desired.

View the rest of the collection on - www.horace.tv

I have so should you.

Pleasure is what I call it.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Ladies, take a walk on the wild side.
Take a walk on the wild side.

Jock Fairweather S/S 2011 takes colour-blocking to a new level.
Look at your feet, and feel the move. 
Soft and comfortable, you will float.
Stand tall, confident and elegant, with Fairweather.
You will stride next spring. Do not fall short.