Thursday, 21 October 2010

Austin Reed

" The difference between style and fashion is quality." Giorgio Amarni.

To cut:  Creative and destructive,
Incision is the world's inquire
Where slice and separate, instructive,
Provides the lift to take us higher;

To sew: assemble and configure
The perfect seam;the body rigger
Will fit the form with style, panache,
And let the model cut a dash;

To fit: the final touch of wearing
Where all the folds fall into place
And a manhood wears a classic face
And on his well-turned shoulders, bearing.

A special suit of sober form,
Makes tailoring the graceful norm.

The above poem written just sums it all up about Austin Reed's Clothing.

Lewis Moody and Courtney Lawes ( Two of faces for Austin Reed)

Stylish shop floor

James Herbeit and Justin llewlyn

Justin llewlyn giving a speech

Heather Williams, Tim Lopez and a sports friend.

The Beatles

Ties for special occasion 
Prince Cassius 
Rachel Wiseman (PR Manager Austin Reed) and my good friend Prince Cassius.

Ariane chui( PR Assistant Austin Reed) and Prince Cassius


Silk pocket scarf


Family of  Courtney Lawes

Invited guest
Friendly barman who made all the amazing cocktails
Clotheshorse90 (Leroy) wearing John Smedley
It is worth visiting the shop on Regent Street. Austin Reed has taking shopping to the next level. They have made it fun and comfortable. No more stress. 

Join the Austin Reed club. Thank you.