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14TH JULY 2011

It always creates a special touch to be invited to a private Club. So, when the invitation came up for me to be invited to the BOND CLUB on Kingly street I was looking forward to it. I can tell you.

There are so many new clubs in london now, and frankly, I have been to a fair few of them and it was an eye-opener for me... in a way that was not good...
- repetitive music that wears you down
- alcohol splashed on your cherished clothes by drunken species who cannot handle it
- worse still. fights breaking out with broken bottles, shouting and so on

However, I was hoping the above-mentioned repulsive attitude would not be in evidence at the much talk about BOND club. I could not have been happier when I was told that the club had a zero-attitude policy. Any hint of attitude, and you would be politely escorted off the premises.

So knowing all that, I was looking forward to PARTYING in style, and making sure it was going to be a night to remember. 

As I entered, I could not help but notice the full length mirrors on both sides of the corridor leading into the main club. It's like the mirrors are there to say to you... 'Madam and Sir,  check yourself from head to toe, see if everything is in the right place and then you can walk in.'

Clubbing at the BOND was such a delight. Everyone there was having a good time - I could see - and they were soaking in the groovy tunes that was blasting in the four corners of the room. Every track hit the spot, and the movers responded. Dancing has always been my forte, but this atmosphere just made me want to pose and relax. Posing on the dance floor is going to be the next big thing, so watch this space

The ladies fashion of the night is worth noting, because if you are venturing out into a club, the outfit has  to be cool, hot, and on the spot. Boy oh boy!! The figure hugging micro mini dress teamed with pencil heels were on display - 'work it girl!' A few of the ladies opted for the skinny jeans, tops and platform heels look - 'rock it girl!' It was a diverse fashion crowd on the ladies side.

On the mens' side, I was pleased with the effort they committed to their outfit. The mens' fashion crowd was certainly diverse as well. Smart causal, fitted blazers, causal suits were the order of the night. Some stood out more than others, of course having me in the club crowd was bond to happen; Mr Kwaku Darkwah gets my vote for the BEST-DRESSED man of the night -clean cut, straight to the point and fierce.

To sum up my night at the BOND club-It was a pleasure. Great fun, funky sounds, very attentive and polite bar staff who always had a smile on their face. Good work! One does not often encounter these qualities in good clubs these days.

Would I go back to the BOND club again? The answer is certainly - 'YES'.


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