Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Nuj Novakhett Fall 2011 - www.nujnovakhett.com

'Nuj Novakhett Fall collection brings them all together in a Unique collection for the coming season'

Fall... an ambiguous word... Fall through or Fall forward. Another is Fall to be reborn.

But this season. Fall means the Fall Holiday collection from NYC womenswear designer, Nuj Novakhett.

This eponymous line is established through out the United States with followers Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, and La Aniston, among others.

Novakhett, who is an American of Thai descent, creates a highly feminine vision, urban chic with a hint of vintage.

The Fall 2011 collection will match the changing seasons: colours bleaching to white, delicate texture to complement pale winter, and heavy coats for protection against the cold.

Novakhetts believes in truth through revealing. Keep it simple, but sweet.
Signature looks and fabrics include body-fitting dresses in canvas, bare-fronted chiffon tops, backless silk dresses, and cropped jackets.

The Novakhett Fall collection will take the wind and snow, the parties, into the New Year, and the start of a new Spring.