Saturday, 1 October 2011


Kuka-Me Opens Its First Ever Flagship Store On 5 Elgin Crescent, London W11 2JA 

The wait is now over. Kuka-me opens its flagship store today, 4th October 2011 to the general public.

So with further ado, I will like to announce the opening to the four conners of this Island (UK) and the world for that matter.

I will also endeavor you to make a trip down to 5 Elgin Crescent W11 2JA and  make some investment purchases.

 A little history here...Kuka-me was launched in 2009 by Reema PachachiReema creates the original designs in her Notting Hill workshop, drawing inspiration from nature, architecture and textiles.

She creates original and timeless pieces which are ready-to-wear for the independent woman with an individual sense of style.

Men are not left out of Kuka-me's creations. Pieces such as pure silver cufflinks and bracelets are there to be allured and attained.

Therefore, I say its is a store that should not be missed. Here are some of the pieces to whet your appetite.

The night began with Jonathan Petty the European Marketing Manager taking us back in time about Patagonia being founded by Yvone Chouinard and how it was proud to launch its first ever flagship store in London capital on Langley street Covent Garden.

Jonathan also made mention of how it is important to Patagonia in choosing a building for their store that has a rich history in the community hence this present Covent garden store which was once formally part of the Watney Combe & Reid brewery and founded in 1837.

The store stands on a 4,340 square foot and with that kind of spacious area will stock or showcase the full range of Patagonia core technical  alphine and ski/snowboard products, and renowned Patagonian Lifestyle pieces and a footwear collection. And not forgetting the enigmatic kids lifestyle range.

We were later entertained to a life music by an indie band The collected Few. They belted some amazing tunes which really got everyone moving their feet down the store's basement. 

The Patagonia flagship on 6A largely street, Covent Garden is opened now and its been opened since the 15th of September 2011.

It will be worth checking out the first Patagonia flagship store in Covent Garden and in the Uk for that matter. 

There so many pieces from the Patagonia AW11 from my styling point of view that could be put together give you the inner city and cosmopolitan look.