Sunday, 18 March 2012



The beauty of the living dead. It was tale that had to be told. What more can you ask for? The anesthetic of the collection set a world of it's own. The  pace and the faces of the models as they meticulously walked the the runway was like a warrior girl on her return from exile. Not only has she returned but comes with her conquest - skull.
War at it's best where the ammunition  is the clothes, the mounted face mask head piece and she shows no emotion what so ever. The skull of the night. They come in black, gold, bronze and silver. The trophies she has attained on he quest.

Sorapol A/W12 is the war personified... The war guard in a murmur headed piece. Snow will melt at your feet and the ocean in the winter will flow. The tiger in the far east has come to roast. Queen of the east with yellow tail fur put on the shoulder as she strides her stuff. Yes, once again.. No emotion at all. Come this Autumn winter 2012, Sorapol will be conquering the wave and creating new ones.

Protection I need not as I am the crystal spears of the day and night. Every breath I take turns into crystal. Pave the way as one needs to. 

The pearl helmet  brings a touch of class and the use of fur in the collection sets in class of a Russian bourgeoisie. The collection had one of the richest fabric which examined closely one could the intricate details that had gone into it.

The structure of the pieces were attained in their finest form as it brought Sorapol's vision and inspiration to light - Iron grip.

I can well say the theme 'Iron Grip' surely triumphed on the night, judging from applause and screams of wanting more from the invited guest, audiences and the fashion crowd.

What a show it was.