Sunday, 1 April 2012


I have never laughed so much in my life, well they say laughing is good for you for it loosens up the muscles in your face, resulting in less wrinkles in your face. If that is true then, I am going to be wrinkle free for quite some years to come.

I just couldn't contain myself with the things I saw on my night out with two good friend's of mine - Randy and Michael. To clarify things, I wasn't laughing at anyone which would have been very appalling on my part  but rather the situation that was in occurrence. 

These two amazing guys is what I call 'the fashion GP OR DOCTOR' and boy they know how to critic. They 'cut' and 'digest' with their eyes the unfortunate dressers or what we would say, 'what the hell was she/he thinking leaving the house looking like that?'

Now,this is something that is really bugging me when it comes to girls who wear very short figure hugging dresses and don't take into consideration the shape of their body and not to mention the cellulite that hangs off their thighs. 

It was like a dress code for the female bunch that happened to be in the bar/club at that night. All we could see on the night was cellulite hanging off uncovered legs in very short dresses.  

These 'ladies' obviously have brains well enough to know what they are wearing is too much for ones eye to contain. I won't go into details what was revealing but it wasn't a pretty good sight. That is all I can say.

At the end of the day, if you are a woman venturing to wear any outfit that is way above your knee level and its going to be tight on your body, make sure you have the killer body and legs for it. Other that, please don't.