Monday, 23 January 2012

Hechter Paris: European Traveller

Daniel Hechter suiting is synonymous with fashion, sophistication and quality; globally renowned for subtly blending French savoir-faire with refined elegance.  Thanks to its origins in Paris, the capital of fashion, 

Daniel Hechter offers a sure sense of style, cosmopolitan flair and a creative twist.

Now Daniel Hechter introduces European Traveller; a capsule collection epitomising the Daniel Hechter ethos and defining their elegant style.

The collection contains the definitive suit for both destination travellers and business travellers alike. Specifically designed to cater to the needs of those on the move, the capsule collection is designed with detailing and both technical and tailoring know how which imperceptibly satisfy the discerning travellers needs.
The Daniel Hechter European Traveller collection will be exclusively available at John Lewis and House of Fraser from end January 2012.

The Dispair Brogue 2

The Dispair Brogue 2

Entering its second season, DISPAIR London has designed a new look Brogue for SS12.

The distinct EVA outsole, a DISPAIR London signature, supple washed leather uppers and contrast striped insole transform this classic Brogue 2 style into a modern equivalent for SS12.

The lightweight materials of the Brogue 2 make this sartorial style wearable throughout the summer, lending themselves perfectly to those chino-clad months.

The Brogue 2 style is available in two colourways, Elephant Front Grey and Orca Tan.


The mod subculture, encapsulated by Lambretta, is often characterised as a fashion-obsessed and hedonistic cult of the hyper-cool young adults.

Two youth subcultures helped pave the way for mod fashion by breaking new ground; the beatniks, with their bohemian image of berets and black turtlenecks, and the Teddy Boys, from which mod fashion inherited its immaculate dandy look. The Teddy Boys paved the way for making male interest in fashion socially acceptable.

Lambretta launches SS12 with a capsule collection of suiting, true to its mod roots. In keeping with the pristine dandy look the collection comprises two and three-piece tonic suits, cut with precise lines and accented with contrast detailing. The silhouette is razor sharp, the two button jackets with narrow lapels are shorter and trousers slimmer. 

SS12 Trend Alert: THE CHIN


With Spring just around the corner, invest in a pair of classic stone or bright preppy chinos from menswear brand ENERGIE. 

New for Spring Summer 2012, ENERGIE have introduced their relaxed fit chino as an extension of their famous denim collection. 
Proving to be versatile in comfort as well as styling. 

The ENERGIE chino is perfect for crossing between seasons, turn up or down and team with high top trainers or boots to achieve the ultimate look of the summer.
Available from stockists now or online www.energie.i