Monday, 24 October 2011


These Are Not your Average Dolls For Ones Children.. Super Dolls!

'Social Monstrosities' was the theme of the night event organised by Forward PR. It was definitely a social night, with the Haute Couture collectable dolls on display. The goddesses in their statuesque poses bared it all for us to see.
Every individual doll had a story to tell. And the more I looked and scrutinized the more my empathy grew. From their facial expressions down to the Haute Couture pieces down to their poses, they were objects of desire.
The Sybarites, the term appropriately used for the dolls, are 17 inches tall, all resin, ball-jointed fashion dolls, bearing 19 points of articulation.
Talking to Charles H Fegen and Desmond Lingard, the creators, about the inspiration behind the Sybarites dolls, they attributed it to the modern-day controversy of human cloning, and the reason the dolls had the same features is because they had been cloned from the same genes.
The Sybarites have had a very strong underground collecting cult since they incepted in 2005. The dolls sell at an astounding rate which makes them really collectible.
We all know that the world of Haute Couture is a very private one - so is the world of Chalk White. Every individual doll, I was told, takes a maximum of 200 hours to create.
Bear in mind that in 2006, 30 devotees were picked to attend the first ever official exhibition of these white-complexioned goddesses known as 'Chalk White' - and since then, they have been exhibited in Tokyo, Paris, Moscow and London.
This is one exhibition I couldn't have enough of. The Super Dolls stole the night. They were the centre of attention as each invited guest lingered over their elegant beauty and stance.
I congratulate you, Desmond Lingard and Charles H. Fegan, on your exquisite work.

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