Wednesday, 12 October 2011


The Humble Man Who Never Stops Smiling... Joy To The World.
Myself and Daniel Chow - Taken A While Back.
His name is Daniel Chow,a good friend and a brother to me for some years now - 4 years and 10 months if I counted correctly. 

It is very funny how we met and became friends after. I have sworn to secrecy not to type it out. Not that it is any embarrassing. Being a good friend I will abide by the SWORN SECRECY.

Daniel is a young man who has really good sense of style and that is one of the many things that caught my eyes when I first saw him.

His style is really effortless, straight to the point and fun. When asked what his style was... 'Why put yourself in a style or fashion pigeon hole? I wear whatever clothing that appeals to me and make it my own' said Daniel Chow 

That to a far extend is accurate. Anyway, till now, Mr Chow continues to exhumes effortless style and the other pleasant thing about this young man is, his continues smile he has on his face. Not forgetting the cool,collected and humble nature embedded in him.

Say hello to him when you see him. Who knows, he might cross your path.


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  1. I saw him recently in Brussels and said hello.