Friday, 28 October 2011


'And Now.. Glorious And Sweetest Night That My Eyes Did  Ever See'  By Charles Ampadu
(L-R) Rebeka Roy, Courtney Blackman, Corrie Neilsen and Me
A  party devised to bring together all the intimate, nice and endearing friends of courtney Blackman. The get together was to celebrate the day courtney was joyously ushered into the world.

The night was a blend of glamour which took place in the lavish Forward Pr premises - on the 4th floor of the Economist building on st James' street.- within intimately comfortable and relaxed surrounding.
Mixers of world Class Spirits.

It was a party with everything you can possible desire, the fantastic friends and conversation,the array of exclusive spirits, wine, excitingly delicious nibbles and exquisite ice cream - courtsey Corrie Neilsen. And also not forgetting the finest music which inter wined and put everyone in a relax mood.

The creme of the music so versatile and enjoyable throughout the night, as the birthday girl - Courtney oozed her dance moves on the dance floor in a dazzling sparkling vintage sequence outfit. Devine and epic Courtney looked.Oh yes!

'Bringing sexy back'as sang by Justine Timberlake was certainly achieved by Mrs Blackman with her moves.

Truly a night to be cherished.

Happy joyous birthday and pleasure as always.

Roll call of the chosen ones that graced the party...
Daisy de Villeneuve
Rebekah Roy
Jessica Bumpus from
Corrie Nielsen
Giovanna Velasquez of Magenta 8
Andy Bumpus

Portia Shaw
Laura McCluskey
Mike Adler
Shelton Lindsay
Mike McHugh-film director
Style Noir
Phoebe Frangoul, fashion editor

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