Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Muscat Vielma S/S 12 Fashion Exhibition.
'She Exhumes Power In Her Femininity, Confidence and Independence' by Muscat Vielma

It was a night filled with Art,fashion and style a night certainly at its applaudable best.

The scenery was stylish, airy and moving. The  collections were displayed on mannequins and what better way to do that.

A lot of positive things can be said about the Muscat Vielma duo at this London fashion Week regarding their outstanding spring/summer 2012 fashion exhibition.

Muscat Vielma S/S 11 collection  is worthy to be put on a pedal stone as this being their ever first spring/summer collection. The elegance and the colour scheme are intricate  to the human eye.
An Intricate design - Muscat Vielma S/S12

Do you want a clean look?Then take these two words - MUSCAT: the richest grape. VIELMA: one of the oldest European aristocracies. And combine them.

S/S 2012 takes the space to show their combination of armadillo and crystal. Strength and glamour.

They are not for people of faint constitution. It is for the woman who is confident in herself and being.

Ballet is a key inspiration.  Dance is a guiding indication of a feminine strength. The Ability to accentuate her curve with a piece of garment made to fit her shape.

Let us list the materials: punched leather, soft silks, sheer tulle, organza and taffeta; lots of soft draping, and structure.

You will be 'en point'.


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