Monday, 19 September 2011

One-On -One With Paul Costelloe At John Lewis - Oxford Street, LONDON

Paul Costello

Right after the show - Paul Costelloe S/S 2011 - it was arranged for me by Chase PR to meet Paul Costelloe at the pop up store in John Lewis have a one-on-one interview.

The pop-up shop was to sell the 
35 new pieces of his A/W 11 runway collections from silk ties  to gorgeous coat.

We were going to of course talk about style and presentation of which is very essential.

The half Irish and half American (New Yorker) designer finally makes an entry into the store and there and then I am introduced to him with much pleasure.

I couldn't help but notice how tall 
Costelloe stood - 6 foot 4 inches - wearing one of his S/S 12 white shirt, a blazer and pair of blue denim.

I started of by asking him if he still felt nervous after all these years of being the first to open London Fashion week. The answer was certainly not but what made him nervous was how the show was going to turn out. That is fair enough, I would be.
Paul Costelloe also talked about how he found it challenging dressing men as compared to women. With menswear its all about getting the right and quality fabric. 'A good suit or coat can be passed on to generation after generation, so finding the suitable fabric is very essential' said Costelloe.

China and America is the next thing for 
Costelloe. He plans opening a flagship store to expand the Paul Costelloe brand.

Asked about who the 
Paul Costelloe woman is... Costelloe wasted no time in saying she is an 'international, modern woman age 27 and 97. She is discreet;she wants to be seen but not screened.' There is no doubt about that, because this woman with quality will like to wear the brand for its sheer elegance and endurance.

London as a city breaths and breed fashion said 
Costelloe. Positive things has to be said about London fashion sense. This is when Paul Costelloe payed complements to my sense of style to support what he was talking about. I was flabbergasted I have to say. Did not see that coming.

I was later introduced to 
JessicaPaul Costelloe's daughter who walked the runway last season A/W 2011 for her father.

It has to be said my successful meeting with the influential designer tops my highlight for London fashion week.
Paul Costelloe is genuinely a very nice and down to earth man. He is a legend in this trade and his work is always sought after world wide.

My Sincere gratitude to the 
Chase PR team for organising this meeting. Epic

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