Monday, 19 September 2011

Paul Costelloe Opens London Fashion Week - S/S 12

It's friday morning 7-am, 16th September 2011 and I am sure of what to do and where to be when the time hits 9-am - It was going to be Paul Costelloe Spring/Summer 12 fashion show at somerset House.

It's 9-am and I am all ready for the show to start. The light deems, the music starts playing  and the first model steps out to open the show and the rest follow.

Paul Costelloe S/S 12 collection as usual were really strong and classic. Costelloe did what he does best by putting up an elegant show.

 The whole collection had a 1960's feel to it. The Mad Man era I have to say. The structure and silhouette were effortless and movement was attained. There were a dash of white, cream, sky blue, stiff organza red and other neutral colours.

Paul Costelloe S/S12
The ladies wear saw the return of baby doll dress with a massive following volume to it. The above knee mini-dresses certainly had some quirkiness- bringing back the 1960s trend back into being.

It worth mentioning the striking detailing of the back of the dresses and eye catching they were. I could one point see the audiences fixation.

The menswear also did not cease to disappoint at all. The suits were sharply cut and the trousers flared in length giving it a nice movement.

Paul Costelloe S/S11
And being a admire and wearer of floating oversize shirts, I was really pleased to see Paul Costelloe had infused it in his S/S12 collection. The menswear in short were of course undoubtedly was beautiful as the womenswear.

Paul Costelloe yet again put up a good and alluring collection for the start of London fashion week.

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