Saturday, 27 August 2011

Academy Of Freelance Makeup - AOFM

The Academy Of Freelance Make up (AOFM)Is Growing And Making A Strong Impact.

have been wanting to write about AOFM for quite a while now since was invited to their Studio which stands on three magnificent floors on Dean street in the West End a while back.
I was given a tour on each floor and I was amazed by the place in terms of the number of products and equipments they had. Just about every make up colour you could think of. I can not say I wasn't flabbergasted.

I know lots of you in the fashion world or industry very well know AOFM. And for those of my readers who do not know, allow me to share my love and admiration for AOFM with you.

As you can see from the header AOFM stands for Academy Of Freelance Makeup. And AOFM  has worked on some of the leading magazines we have the moment - Vogue, Tattler, Haper's Bazaar etc 

The AOFM harbors some of the world best and qualified artist who in their years of work in the fashion industry have achieved tremendously and made it work in any aspect be it high fashion, edgy, couture you name it - they have done it all. 

The above experts talked about form the AMOF pro and now what they do is impact their knowledge, experience and know how onto the new talent/academy students that are coming up.

The AOFM pro is a result made up of these team of world's make up artist. AOfM has studios in London,I stated earlier ParisNew york and Milan. 

How can one talk about London Fashion Week and not make mention Of AOFM?  The AOFM pro plays a vital role during fashion week around the world and it has been know for them to over 30 runway shows during Fashion Week. That's certainly some work of art...

This season they are the official backstage for New york Couture fashion Week, Runway Shows at New York Fashion. And like stated earlier they are a playing a pivotal role in London Fashion Week this season as well.

Having had a chat with its founders,Jana Ririnui and Jason Mallet I gathered that, they really believed in helping other professional makeup artist in using the best ever artisan tools to achieve a fine and demure result in their work.

 This is why the Academy (AOFM pro)team came up designed their own AOFM pro branded 24 piece professional brush kit. 

In addition to that they have published two top notch books and the latest one that was launched entitled, Make Up Is Art. This is a must read I have to insist. Well, it goes without saying how makeup can transform once appearance. It also touches on basic skincare and other issues.


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  1. Yes they are growing, and on the surface seem so perfect...but working for them as a MUA is very far from the truth.
    Basically, AOFM boasts of providing their make up artists with a lot of job and extra training oportunities, but many times the jobs are much worse than advertised. You expect to gain valuable experiences, and work at high fashion venues, and are greatly disappointed when it becomes clear, that you were blatantly lied to and tricked to waste your money.
    Just beware, and very cautious.