Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New Womenswear Line Launched - Worn All over.


WORN ALL OVER  has launched it's first ever womenswear T shirt. It is a brand that is making fresh waves and asking you to ditch the wacky, colour mismatching pattern and get back to basis.

The collection has an old school vibe and certainly evokes the 80s era. 

The Tee are cut to fit and flatter female curve. Comfortable to wear and it is of great quality. Nothing better than wearing a quality T shirt and not being stressed about it looking distorted on your body. That wont be a good look.

The new WORN ALL OVER womenswear range is now available online at www.wornallover.com really pay a visit and click away.

The T shirt look is one of the most relaxed and it can worn in so many ways. Be inspired by WORN ALL OVER and choose the T shirt that is going make you pop. 

I feel a shoot coming up. 


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