Thursday, 18 August 2011


Jainnisa - Creator Of Jainnisa Beauty Product and Me

 Jainnisa is the creator of the Jainnisa  beauty product. They consist of natural bath products and skin beauty products made from carefully selected Thai plant extract and essences. 

The way our skin feels and looks and is so important to us all. It is the first thing one gets to look at first glance.

I met Jainnisa a few months back at the launch of her products. Talking to her about the product range she had master minded and also about how best to nourish ones skin has been an eye opener till this day.

The truth is, Jainnisa's product makes you feel luminously poised, your skin feels smooth and silky,and you feel perfectly balanced.

My bath these days is like bathing in the tropics, it elixirs and sooth my skin. And the natural plant extracts revives my whole body.

I guess I have to say let Jainnisa  beauty product sooth body and soul.
It works.


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