Friday, 18 March 2011

Breakfast Meeting With A Suits That Fits

17th March, 2011

Every man is a suit lover. I love wearing it and I do hope you do as well. A man should at least have one black suit in his wardrobe. It is a must.

I was at the breakfast meeting at the office of the 'A Suit That Fit'. on glasshouse road, where Mighel Crittin( Product Development Manager) talked us through their collection of suits and the inspiration behind it. Like all other design creation one needs to something to inspire them to create or to base their inspiration on.

Later on I was give the opportunity to come out with my own suit design that fits well on the body. My inspiration was based on me as an individual. Oh well, one has to be their own inspiration.

I designed a cobalt blue jacket; the jacket has cropped sleeves and skinny lapels. It had one button with skinny-fit brown trousers which are cropped at the ankle.  A low waist on the trousers with visible button flies and buttoned cuffs to your shirt.

A Suit That Fit is looking for Britain's most dapper designers and if you man or woman who loves suits then get in touch with A Suit That Fits. Because they are inviting you to show your creative side by entering their design competition.

The three winners will be chosen and their designs will be available for purchase, exclusively on the A Suit That Fits website and what makes it better is each designer will receive a percentage of every created item sold. Now here is a link  for you to enter the prestigious competition.

Submission should be made on Thursday, 31st March 2011. GO!

The team at A Suit That Fits were great and ever so nice. It was a pleasure.

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