Friday, 18 March 2011

Golfino At Harrods.

GOLFINO | Official Online Shop

Ladies' golf is the first time that the sport has looked appealing.

Forget the dowdy men's tartan pants and saggy polos, GOLFINO has something approachable and new. 

But they haven't forgotten man-style, of course.

Ladies have a neat and elegant interpretation, with customised military-style badges and clean, strong colours, such as pink, orange and red.

Men have a more classic look, but still more tightly designed than the standard golf garb.

High-quality performance materials are used throughout the range, rain- and wind-resistant, with double cuffs, turn-back cuffs, and elastic waists.

Designs are a go-to, with under-collars and opposing striped patterns. The outer look is still smooth and natural.

Flock printing on the sleeves is a final touch.

Tee off !

Get your Golfino from or you can visit their website And you if you are the type that loves shopping in the comfort of your home the click on this link

Golfino sports wear is new, fresh and stands out from the rest. There are some pieces you can put together to create a relax causal look spring/summer look.  I say get the golf Look. 

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