Sunday, 27 March 2011

Zanacco Spring/Summer 2011

There is a saying that one can always tell more about you according to the shoes you wear. And there is nothing worse for a man to wear brand new outfit and find him wearing a worn out shoe. Believe it or not it is happening.
So interestingly enough Jamasine Zanacco - Creative Director and I shared the same thought on the above issue where she later introduced me to the Zanacco shoe collection.

The Zanacco footwear range has an individuality twist to its designs. It's compact, versatile and very comfortable to wear. All their products are 100% made in Italy and they can also be said to use ecological materials and processes. So therefore you can say Zanacco is Eco-friendly. How good is that?

Signature Midnight blue sole.
The classic range is  all handcrafted, modern, sleek and the detailing is what makes it a fine shoe to wear. Not only does it play a prominent role in complimenting your look but also it puts you in class of your own. What makes the Zanacco shoe collection different from the rest is its distinctive recongnisable 'Truely Made In Italy' signature midnight blue sole.

The Causal Range is also hand crafted using natural products and not only is it luxurious but durable. It's different, eye catching and fun to wear. Well I can certainly say it's trendy and it would for sure go with any outfit you wear. There is nothing better looking than wearing casual cropped suit and teaming it up with trainers form the Zanacco's casual range. Even better there are so many ways you can wear Zanacco footwear to compliment your look.

Their accessory range is something worth mentioning as well. The belts, holdhall bags and the document case are all handcrafted.


Document Case


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