Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wrangler - Gifting Suite.

Creativity Is what Makes You Who You Are So Embrace It And Set Off

Wrangler the denim brand set up in the 1940s has been enjoying their longevity to this day and age. This goes to prove that genuine quality last forever.

This was my second time being invited by kind hearted team of Surgery PR to Wrangler Gifting Suite. Last year's was just pleasurable,being in a suite full of different ranges of Wrangler Denim pieces was just epic.

This year's gifting suite was held in 25 Heddon on Regent Street where upon arrival I was offered a chilled glass of champagne. The Surgery PR team has to be said are know how to get the 'work' done. 

From there I was taken through the latest BLUE BELL COLLECTION S/S11... legend has it that a group of railroad workers who bought the overalls at the Hudson store gave C.C Hudson ( founder of Wrangler) the bell, and after spending time in the factory, the bell - like everything else - became covered in blue denim dust, hence "Blue Bell".

Wrangler jeans has now become icon for the youth culture, synonymous with every age the world over.

My Wrangler gifts were a pair Spencer loose fit denim trousers - unique in its colour and comfort. The loose fit is perfect - movement and comfort wise. A look I am looking forward to create.

The other generous gift was the Wrangler denim Jacket -  with this denim jacket comes functionality, and durability. It is one of those jacket that looks better as the years goes by. Visually, it appeals and fit wise, its   tells a whole different story.

 Wrangler after many years is still embarking and creating on a whole different level. Only best things can be said for the quality of the Wrangler pieces.

 Long live Wrangler!

Long live Team Surgery PR.

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